Zeal Wellness Drink Giveaway

Thursday, June 02, 2016
Ever since mentioning Zeal in my January favorites video, i've had lots of questions about what this bad boy has to offer. Now you can find out for yourself!

If you didn't catch my mentions of Zeal previously, essentially its a wellness drink powder that contains ingredients to help with focus, energy and vitamin and mineral levels. I've also found, through my own experience and googling other peoples', that this has helped me avoid any cramps during my period and although i'm not entirely certain how- as long as it works, thats all i care about.

The energizing properties are the other aspect i love because it doesn't make me jittery and as someone who is sensitive to sugar and caffeine, this is usually an issue for me. In addition, Zeal is also gluten free, vegan and kosher certified!

Enough of the babbling and onto the good stuff...

I'm really excited to be able to offer one winner a canister (1 month supply) of Zeal Wild Berry, the same powder i use, over on my Instagram! Pop on over there and look for the image of Zeal to see how to enter!

Early birds might have to wait a little bit to enter depending on your timezone as the giveaway will be posted as soon as i'm awake.


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