Anastasia Beverly Hills Foundation Stick Review

Monday, August 29, 2016

Following the much awaited release of the Anastasia Beverly Hills stick foundations AND finding out they're vegan, you know i had to get my hands on some and show you them in action!

You can find them here (be sure to use ebates for cashback) and my review below!

Color Range

If you've seen anything about this release online, you'll know the color range is impressive to say the least. You can see some of the deeper shades used on their YouTube channel here if you'd like to see them in action as well as their color wheel below. Not only do they have an impressive foundation color range but they also have 3 contour shades and 1 highlight or banana shade.


The 9g of foundation is housed in a sleek black tube with gold accent that twists up easily. It feels pretty sturdy and smooth and i can't imagine would be prone to wear and tear.

The box it comes in is the typical black ABH packaging and you also get a little sheet inside explaining the product.


As you can see in the video, the application was very easy and blended out with a brush, sponge and my fingers. If your skin is particularly dry you might want to spritz your brush or sponge with a facial mist beforehand to make blending easier but for normal to oily skin, you should find it very easy.

The products layered well and i was able to get a medium to full coverage. You might find using a clean finger to blend it out for spot coverage to work well so you don't have to add another layer to the face.

They worked well as foundation and concealer so the product would be perfect for travel or on the go.

Staying Power

The product wore VERY well on my skin and i only set the t-zone with a little translucent powder, no baking! I got a slight sheen throughout the day but nothing that broke up the makeup or made it wear off quicker.

If you are a dryer skin type but choose to try this, you might want to mist your face with a hydrating spray throughout the day to keep it looking smooth.

I'd use this foundation for anything from every-day wear (apply over a great moisturizer or facial oil for a lighter coverage), studio work, a long day or night out because it looked just as great when i went to take it off as it did when first applied.

Overall i'm super impressed with this foundation and its really what i've been looking for in a stick foundation. Gorgeous packaging, great staying power and an incredible color range.
The only thing that might not work for some is that the formula is a dry one that works best on oily skin but like i said i think with the right prep/skincare, that could be easily remedied.

Got any questions? Leave them below!


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  1. Can you compare this to the Hourglass stick foundation? Great review :)

  2. Can you compare this to the Hourglass stick foundation? Great review :)

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  4. Do you know if all the contour shades are vegan?