Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer Dupe

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Most of the cruelty free community already know this but recently Too Faced were acquired by Estee Lauder which many of us don't consider to be cruelty free. You can read more about it on Logical Harmony but for now, lets get into what this means for my bronzer situation...

Too Faced's Chocolate Soleil Bronzers have been my favorites for a while, so much so that i own all three shades to allow for all levels of tan i might be at that moment. As many of you have guessed, i am choosing to no longer buy from Too Faced so now is when i start bringing you some cruelty free vegan alternatives (with no parent companies who test).

So, my recommendation for the best bronzer of your life is actually... not a bronzer, but a foundation and its from 100% Pure. Their Fruit Pigmented Foundation comes in 9 shades (i'd say the darkest 4 shades will suit the biggest range of people as bronzers), contains the same pure ingredients you're used to seeing from 100% Pure and works impeccably as a bronzer.

Top to bottom: Golden Peach, Toffee, Mousse

The formula is beautifully pigmented and can be applied sparingly for a light glow or a little heavier/ layered to build up a more dimensional, sculpted look (see the shade mousse in action here). These have quickly replaced the Chocolate Soleil bronzers for me and i'm more than happy to make that switch.

Whats even better is that if you're choosing to buy now, 100% Pure currently have their 20% off Jingle Jingle campaign from December 8th (starting at noon PST) thru the 15th along with free brushes and minis while stocks last.

Check below for some swatches and you can always contact the wonderful people at 100% Pure if you ever need a shade match, too. They also have a Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer (remember, i'm showing you foundations) which is deeper again and has a gorgeous glowy sheen running through it, i just wanted to show you their lovely matte options for the matte lovers out there.

I could only swatch on my wrist since everywhere else is tattooed, rest assured they apply so freakin' smooth on the face!
Top to bottom: Golden PeachToffeeMousse

Hopefully this helps solve your bronzer woes and makes things a little easier for you if you're also trying to avoid brands with parent companies who test on animals. I truly love 100% Pure as a brand and you can see my video on alllll the products i own from them here.

note: affiliate links are used to help with the maintenance of my blog and product was supplied by 100% Pure per my request so i could show you swatches


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