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Thursday, January 19, 2017

I've posted a little before about the self-proclaimed "beast-free" footwear brand Native Shoes and some of you had a few questions on them so I figured i'd show you the styles i have any tell you a little about them.

"Beast Free™ has been an integral part of our DNA since day one. Not a single hair nor hide on any animal, anywhere, has been used in the creation of our product. We are proud of that, and have recently been awarded the PETA Approved Vegan Footwear seal of approval.

Being Beast Free™ means respecting our animal and human friends equally.

Beyond that, it means that Native respects you and the daily choices you make in life, one of which is choosing which shoes you are putting on in the morning before you head out the door."

I know i've found it tough to find specifically vegan (vs incidentally vegan) footwear brands that make shoes that aren't... dare i say, ugly? I know, i know... style is a very personal thing but i just haven't found many in the past that i'd actually wear. So when Adam introduced me to Native, i was very excited!

Apollo Moc

Find them here!

This was the first pair both Adam and i bought from Native Shoes (different pairs, obvi) after we both fell in love with the lightweight, simple design.
I'm pretty sure this is a style meant to be worn sock-free and thats definitely how we wear ours. They're super light and comfortable but i did have a little breaking in period on the pack of one of the ankles that just took a few wears and now they're so comfy and soft.  I got these not long before winter kicked in so i haven't been able to wear them much since but i'm ready to break them out again as soon as spring is here!

Besides having one sore heel for a week or so, my only complaint is that i do think the fabric gives a little with wear but since i wear these for short walks, errands or traveling, its not a big deal.


Find them here!

I grabbed these when i finally came to the realization that converse are not appropriate footwear to hike in. I've worn them hiking around our local area and also took them on a hike or two in South America and they've served me well for both.

The sole is firm enough that i don't feel every rock but flexible enough to be comfortable. The ankle cuts off at a really comfortable point and holds my heel and ankle nice and secure. As with the Apollo Mocs, these are really lightweight and comfortable


Find them here!

My latest purchase from Native and maybe my favorite. The Rover comes up a little higher than the Apollo sneaker and i just love the design and color! They do feel a little more hard-wearing than the Apollo Moc and i'd probably even wear these for short hikes as well as just when i want to look like a chic, olive-footed athleisure babe.

I do know some sites state their sizes run small or large but i bought my usual US8W and they all fit really nicely. Overall i'm really excited about this brand and love supporting fully vegan brands where possible!

Which is your favorite style?

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  1. love pickle hiding in the background of the second pic, ha! love the olive green Rovers, will definitely have to check them out when spring rolls around :) (rip warm weather in the midwest...we loved you for the few months you lasted...)

  2. I love how you appreciate vegan-friendly stuff. I am actually of using leather bags but not now since I turned vegan and I am amazed by the range of vegan products that is not beyond class. For example from Leafy Souls collections I always order my stuff to them and it is really worth it.