Brand Focus: Pacifica

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Lots of you have asked for a brand focus video on Pacifica and although it took me a whiiile, its here!

Pacifica are a vegan and cruelty free brand that carry makeup, skincare and more. You can find them at Target, Ulta and many more places; find their store locator here.

Jasmine Iris Primer: (discontinued so $$ on amazon)
Rose Gold Primer: (same as above)
Alight BB Cream: 
Ultra CC Cream: 
Dreamy Cover Serum Foundation: 
Transcendent Concealer: 
Illuminating Undereye Brightener: 
Dark Circle Rehab Color Correctors: 
Blemish Banish Color Correctors: 

Perfect Lotus Powder: 
Golden Lotus Powder: 
Mineral Neutralizing Mattifier: 
Ice Baby Mineral Hydrating Highlighter: 
Rainbow Crystals Liquid Strobes: 
Coconut Multiples Cream Palette: 
Blushious Blushes: 
Glowing/Sunkissed Duo: 

Solar Palette: 
Power Of Love Palette: 
Pink Nudes Palette: 
Beachy Punk Palette: 
Crystal Matrix Palette: 

Smoldering Eyeliner Gels: 
Nude Pencil: 
Eye Pencils: 
Stellar Gaze Mascara: 
Dream Big Mascara: 
Stunning Brows Gel: 

Lip Gloss: 
Liquid Lipstick: 

Nail Polish: 
Rainbow Gloss Top Coat: 

Coconut Power Shampoo: 
Coconut Powder Conditioner: 
Hairvana Leave-In Detangler: 
Well Conditioned Co-Wash: 
Coconut Hair Mask: 
Berry Dreamy Hair Mask: 
Invisible Dry Shampoo: 

Shave Whip: 

Happy Water: 
Coconut Water: 
Cactus Water: 
Kale Water: 
Coconut & Cherry Cleansing Milk: 
Happy Essence Face Mist: 

Pore Refine Mask: 
Kale Juice Cleanse Mask: 
Hot Vegan Mask: 
Wake Up Beautiful Mask: 
Glow Baby Scrub: 
Coco Rush Mask: 
Cherry Lava Mask: 

Dreamy Youth Face Cream: 
Berry Matcha Face Cream: 

Facewipe Selection: cannot find these anywhere now :(
Berry Happy Facewipes: 
Deodorant Wipes: 

SPF Stuff: 

Pacifica Muse Playlist: 
New Pacifica Products Review & Demo: 

Pacifica Haircare Video: 

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