Favorite Self Care Products & Tips

Thursday, June 29, 2017
Self care is hard some times, when i do manage it, these are the products i love to use!

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Russell Kane on Grumpy Old Men: https://youtu.be/1Y66DK5wzZk
On My Lips (oh my guava): http://bit.ly/2trcDey


Cuticle Care:
Body Lotion:
Yoga Mat:

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  1. RHIAN! I saw on instagram that you said you've been struggling with your mental health lately. I hoped it would warm your heart a little to know what a beautiful addition and inspiration you are to this planet. I'm suffering from depression atm and a lot of it has to do with a disappointment in the world, more specifically human's treatment towards the planet and all its inhabitants (including animals and plants). That and y'know life shit and a chemical/hormonal imbalance. But seeing examples of humans, such as yourself, who are trying their best to do the right thing by the world and all the creatures on it, really restores my faith. I watch your videos and see someone who shares the same ethics as me and is walking the walk and is so evidently such a warm person. I'm sure you're not perfect. None of us are because perfection is an illusion. But you ARE a good person because you are considerate and caring and you try to do the right thing. And you really try to get through this life being as open hearted as possible. And that's hard and takes guts, so of course you struggle. But you're doing it! Maybe in certain moments it doesn't feel like you are. But if you look at your life and smooth out all the dips of struggle, you'll see you're really doing great in life. Your life is of worth. You're a good person doing good things. And although I do all the self-care things you mentioned, I struggle to achieve much more each day. And then I berate myself that I'm not achieving enough and that sinks me deeper into depression. So hearing someone like you saying to me/us "anything you do manage to do that day, whether it's a shower...you should feel good about that. Just keep striving to push yourself the tiniest bit more each day..." makes me sigh in relief. It eases the pressure I place upon myself when I'm struggling to find any motivation or focus because I really just want to crawl into a snuggly little cocoon with only my favourite treats to comfort me. It makes me feel good about the fact that I'm pushing past that and managing to do what I am managing to do each day. It helps that someone I consider a really admirable person says, hey, I'm not okay sometimes either. And yet the fact that you keep going and manage to do what you do, in your healthier moments, makes me feel I can too. Thanks Rhian. You're a gem and an inspiration and I hope times get twinkly bright for you soon xo