Banana Nails

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I'm seeing yellow nails everywhere lately and during my yellow-nail-polish online window shopping sesh, i figured why not share some of my top vegan and cruelty free yellow nail polish finds with you?!

(note: affiliate links and codes are used)

As you'd probably expect from me, lets do Madam Glam first who have 2 (maybe more) gorgeous gel options for your yellow nail needs. When i say "regular gel" i just mean that you need a base and top coat to go with it. The "one step gel" needs no friends and stands alone. Their site has lots of swatches of their colors too so you can see the shades on a variety of hands. As always, i do have an affiliate code you can use for 30% off: Rhian30 
Regular gel in Mimosa, One step gel in Pale Yellow

Next up for yellow gel options we have a brand i've not tried before but found listed on the Logical Harmony Cruelty Free Brand List and that is, Dimension Nails. Obviously i can't say how they perform but this color is GORGEOUS!
Regular gel in Save The Bees

Moving away from gels, for those who prefer regular polishes, we have some beautiful options from Ella + Mila! Again, you can use Ella40 for $$ off and you can find them at Target too. These three have subtle differences but as a nude lipstick collector, i feel i can say "but the undertones are totally different".

Sunburst, Copabikini and Limoncello

Speaking of subtle, these next two from LVX are much more subdued yellows. Whether you just want a lighter, more spring color or maybe a stepping stone to a brighter shade... these are GORGEOUS!
Primrose and Lemondrop

Lastly from Deco Miami is this beautiful summer shade, Tequila Sunrise. Not only is their packaging gorgeous but their colors come in two sizes for those of us who love collecting polishes and never use them up, the minis are perfect!
Tequila Sunrise

Anyone else call anything yellow a banana-something when they were a kid? "Banana-car" etc? Just me? 

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  1. For yellow lovers, check out Mustard Bird and Lemon Sorbet from Dimension Nails as well. Those are collaboration shades. Lemon Sorbet is with Rebecca of TheMakeupEffect. I have a coupon code, cfmg20 saves you 20% (affiliate). The glitters are also collabs with cruelty free and vegan bloggers.

  2. thanks for shearing this post.. nice blog