Where are my necklaces from...

Monday, April 09, 2018
Wondered where my sweet little necklaces are from that i've been wearing lately?

The pairing lots of you have asked about.

The shorter chain necklace is the Yellow Gold Collar Medallion from the jewelry designer at Awe Inspired. I wear it on the shorter chain option but you can also let it out another 2 inches to sit a little lower. Its so dainty and perfect and i just love the meaning behind the brand; AWE - Alive, We're Empowered. Check out their community, its pretty lovely.

The longer chain necklace has a little initial medallion on it and is from E. Ria Designs on Petit Vour. You may have seen this featured in my Galentine's Gift Guide which, by the way, is a pretty great gift guide for any occasion!

Which jewelry designers have you been loving lately?

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