Furless Cosmetics Black Beauty Brush Set (review)

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

I've been familiar with Furless Cosmetics for a while now and own their Pro Brush Set as part of my makeup kit so when they contacted me asking to send me some goodies, obviously i jumped at the chance. 

After talking with Coralie she decided to send a Black Beauty Brush Set for review and also a Perfectly Pink Brush Set as a giveaway item (stay tuned for info). They contain slightly different brush selections but essentially both are complete travel sets each with 8 brushes and a sturdy case. 

Thinking it would take 80 days to get here, Jules Verne style, i was super surprised when the sets arrived in less than 10 days.

What the website says-

The Black Beauty Brush Set has shiny black handles and a gorgeous aqua tip. Use this set to create any look on the go - throw in your bag for holidays and travel.
This makeup brush kit consists of the following professional makeup brushes:
  • Large multi-purpose powder brush
  • Angled contour brush
  • Multi-purpose blending brush
  • Angled eye kabuki brush
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Angled liner brush
  • Small domed crease blending brush
  • Precision eyeliner brush               

Packaging- 5/5

  • Pretty much in love with this case. It zips the entire way around and just feels so nice.
  • The zipper doesn't catch or snag and the brushes are held securely in place with perfectly sized spaces.
  • The inside feels like a tough weave nylon so would wipe clean if you put brushes in there dirty.
  • Super chic and simple, i'd probably use it for other brushes, too.

Individual brushes

Large Multipurpose Powder Brush- 5/5

  • At first i thought this brush was fairly small for a powder brush but its actually a really nice size for both full face applications and smaller areas, too.
  • Worked well for powder foundation and setting powders. 
  • Also great for bronzing, blush and highlighting.
  • Picks up product easily and makes easy work of blending.

Angled Contour Brush- 5/5

  • I loved this one for cheek contour, it was just the right size, density and softness. Easy to get a defined line and great for blending.
  • A little small for blush use for my liking but some might like it for that.
  • Also great for controlled bronzer application.

Multi-purpose Blending Brush- 4/5

  • Didn't like this for BB/ tinted moisturizer application as i felt it absorbed too much of the product and i prefer a fluffier brush for that.
  • For a higher coverage foundation i really liked it, really easy to get in around the nose, hairline and eyes.
  • Applied under eye concealer really quickly and easily.
  • I think it'd also be great for cream contouring

Angled Eye Kabuki Brush- 4/5

  • I never like using this style of brush for eyeshadow so i didn't even bother trying that.
  • I did, however, like it for under eye concealer and setting.
  • Great size for nose contour, too.

Eyeshadow Brush- 5/5

  • At first i thought this felt too concealer like to be good for packing on color but... i was wrong.
  • Worked well for regular eyeshadows and pigments.
  • Picks up plenty of product and applies really smoothly.
  • The stiffness is great for controlled highlight application under the brow.

Angled Liner Brush- 5/5

  • Very similar to the Anastasia Small Angled Cut Brush, my favorite for brows.
  • Easy to define brows and do small hair-like brush strokes.
  • Also great for gel eyeliner and made really easy work of application.
  • Strangely i also applied my lip tar with it because i prefer flat or angled liner brushes for that instead of lip brushes. Much easier to get a crisp line and applies quicker.

Small Domed Crease Blending Brush- 5/5

  • Definitely a lot smaller than what i'd usually use.
  • Very easy to blend with for a transition shade or a more defined crease application.
  • Great size for defining lower lashes too.
  • Also works well for nose contour & highlight because of its size.

Precision Eyeliner Brush- 4/5

  • Not usually my preferred brush to use with gel liner but it actually worked really well.
  • Stiff enough to make a sharp line but soft enough for eye use.
  • Great for a really thin, sharp line right up to a thicker cat eye.

Overall- 5/5

Really impressed with this travel kit and managed to do my entire face using only these brushes. 
Although a few aren't ordinarily the brushes i'd use for certain tasks, thats not to say others wouldn't love them, its really all personal preference on these because the quality certainly isn't lacking. 

I already loved this brand and i'm always surprised that they're not more popular. Although they're an Australian brand their brushes always seem to arrive really quickly (the 2 packages i've received from them at least) and the pricing is comparable to Sigma. 
I'd recommend these to beginners, beauty junkies and professionals because of how easy they make things and how well they've lasted me previously. 

Giveaway info ***starts- June 17***
For your chance to win a Furless Cosmetics Perfectly Pink Brush Set, you can enter via tumblr or instagram (@wifelife on both) and all you need to do is follow the instructions on the giveaway graphic to enter.
If you'd like to enter via youtube all you need to do is subscribe (Rhian HY) and comment on the furless video telling me your favorite synthetic, cruelty free brush from any brand.

In 2 weeks i'll pick a social network and a number that'll correspond with your entry. (US ONLY currently)


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