Olivine- i ain't talking 'bout the mineral.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I came across Olivine's Love & Salt Beach Spray online which boasted rave reviews and after i discovered it was vegan, well i had to try it... right? (evidentally i also had to have their lotion and pencils too, but we'll get to that later)

I'm a big fan of the creation of the sea salt spray but i must admit, some tend to make my fine, colored hair seem a little sticky and frazzled. So when i read that not only does the Olivine spray contain "good" hydrating salts like Himalayan pink salt; but also coconut oil, i got quite excited and was not let down.

Firstly the spray smells delicious, a light coconut scent with a hint of the ocean. The spray nozzle dispenses the product evenly which might seem an odd thing to note but i've had my fair share of crappy nozzles in my time. It gave my hair texture, body and movement and even looked better after sleeping with my hair in a bun after using it the night before.

I'm definitely a fan, now onto the other items!

I got the Amongst The Waves lotion which is probably my new summer scent as i smelled delicious and felt hydrated right up until bed time and beyond. The scent is very similar to the beach spray but with an extra tropical hint i can't quite put my finger on.

I know it seems cliche but the gorgeous, self-affirmation-encouraging packaging really did it for me and reading up on the creator's ritual belief in body lotion appealed to my inner (and sometimes outer) self-affirming princess,

"I find that putting on body lotion is one of the ultimate steps in 
taking care of your body and spirit...And ultimately your level of 
self love. 
When I miss putting on lotion for a couple days in a row it's the 
same thing to me as not exercising or eating right...
I am simply not taking proper care of myself. 

And the ULTIMATE way to apply your body lotion? 
Slowly and deliberately, all the while telling your body,
Try it for a week and tell me if it makes a difference!"

Continuing on from the self-affirming theme (hey, its important and there ain't no shame in it), i also purchased these truly adorable pencils which almost made me wish i was back in school so someone could ask to borrow one. How could you use these and not smile? 

Over all i think Olivine is a great, cruelty free, vegan company with relatively well priced items for yourself or as adorable gifts. 
Their products have organic ingredients and their packaging is so gorgeous you'll want to display it all on your vanity.


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  1. I looked up the ingredients for the lotion, and aluminum is listed :\