Cruelty free?

Saturday, July 19, 2014
After 2 well known cruelty free companies have sold to companies who do test recently, i've had a lot of questions as to whether or not i'll be buying from them/using their products any more.

If you didn't know, Tarte was bought by a Japanese company; Kose, and NYX were recently acquired by L'Oreal.

Clearly i am going to continue to use products i already own from both companies because i'm not going to waste product but as for whether i will buy from either company again... truly i don't know, but two of my favorite companies selling to larger companies known to test has encouraged me to look into it further.

The main issue people have with such "parent" companies is that they might be cruelty free as far as the US/ UK etc is concerned but if they sell in China or other places where animal testing is required, that negates their cruelty free claims. For those interested,  L'Oreal released this statement saying that they no longer test on animals UNLESS its required by law.

I figured its only a matter of time until China HAS to change its regulations on this and found this interesting info from Humane Society International,

"Humane Society International and The Humane Society of the United States’ Be Cruelty-Freecampaign welcomes the announcement by China's Food & Drug Administration that from June 2014, China plans to remove its mandatory animal test requirements for domestically manufactured cosmetic products. "

While this only currently covers products domestically made in China, CFDA has stated that once this new system has been established it may be expanded to include imported items,

"Initially the new rules will only apply to cosmetics manufactured in China. However, CFDA has stated that once the new system has been established, it may be expanded to include imported products and certain “special use” cosmetics as well. This would be a major step towards removing trade barriers between China and the EU, enabling cruelty-free companies worldwide to sell their products on the Chinese mainland without compromising their 'no animal testing' policies."

Exciting news, no? Read more here.

My other thought is that one of the only ways we feel safe in buying cruelty free products is whether or not they have the relevant cruelty free certification from the governing CF gods (leaping bunny, buav etc). If NYX and Tarte retain their cruelty free certification and things change in China, i probably will continue to purchase their items.

I guess my answer to your questions is that i still don't know what my ultimate decision will be. Right now i'm gonna keep an ear to the ground, proceed with caution and strive to find more products that are vegan, cruelty free and NOT owned by big testing companies.

What you choose to do is, of course, up to you but i do ask that you be respectful of others choices in the matter. Society has not made it easy to navigate through all the cruelty free/ not cruelty free jungle so any info you have on the matter, please do share.


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