My Hair Tool Essentials (perfect for travel)

Monday, July 21, 2014

  1. Black wide tooth vega comb $5.95 (X) -  Perfect for combing through wet hair.
  2. Metal clips- you can find these anywhere, i use them to hold my hair back when doing my makeup, the gap in the top holds hair back without squashing it and causing kinks.
  3. White sectioning comb from multipack $4.99 (X) - I use this to section and comb hair through while straightening.
  4. Black head band (came in a birchbox) $11.00/3 pack (X) - Great for getting you hair out of the way when working out or adventuring outside, can also be twisted around to use as a hair tie. Also looks chic in styled hair you just don't want in your face.
  5. Black scrunchie $6 (X) - Perfect to throw hair up without causing kinks in your hair, especially in bed or throw one in your purse/car.
  6. White clip- you can find these anywhere, i use it to section off hair when styling it or just clipping it up out of the way.
  7. Black Cyndibands $10 (X) -  These ribbon hair ties are perfect to hold your hair back securely without causing damage. These particular ones don't roll up as easily as others and stay flatter.
  8. Tangle Teezer $10- $20 (X) - This brush is easy to grip, glides through hair and minimizes breakage. Also perfect for extension wearers cause it doesn't pull on bonds or microlinks.
  9. Large round brush $15 (X) - This brush is great for medium to long hair and adds volume and wave easily. Cuts down on drying time and helps smooth and shiny hair.


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