My Guide to Clip-in Hair Extensions Pt1 (video)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Picking your color:

Check the company's color charts to match your hair but ask a hairdresser for help if you're in any doubt. A lot of companies will also help you pick a color if you send them a photo of your hair.

Picking your length:

If you have short hair, i'd advise going for the shortest length they offer so theres no mullet effect. Longer hair can handle longer extensions.

Remi vs Euro:

Remi hair is the best quality hair as its processed keeping all the roots at one end, meaning the hair cuticles all face one direction and don't tangle. Euro/Indian etc just refers to where its from. Indian hair can be a little more processed just because typically Indian hair is very dark.

What are clip ins?:

Hair weft is cut to size then has silicone lined clips either sewn or glued onto the top of the weft. That clip then slides into the root of your hair and is a great temporary method of extensions with minimal damage.


Section a layer of hair at the base of your head, clip the rest of your hair out of the way then tease the roots of the layer you have down. Spray a little hairspray if you feel you need it, this will help the extensions clip into particularly slippy hair.

Then slide the extension clips into the teased area close to your head and snap them shut.
Repeat this process going up your head and onto the sides.

Make sure you have enough of your hair down around your crown so that it hides the extensions and looks blended and natural.

Cutting your extensions:

DO NOT do this if you are doubting your hair cutting abilities- go to your hairdresser and they will cut them for you.
I cut mine around my face just to blend with my hair in the front. Angling the scissors down i just start cutting at the ends of my hair.

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