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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A lot of you ask me about where i get my clip in extensions from and most of them are too old for me to remember, but these bad boys i can share with you!

Rapunzelrapunzel.co.uk approached me to see if they could send me some of their clip in extensions to try, which came at the perfect time because i had been looking into getting some longer ones to match my newly blonder hair.

Packaging & arrival-

  • My hair arrived within a few days in a precisely hair extension shaped box from the UK.
  • The hair is rolled up safely and attached to a card backing.
  • The box has basic care instructions on it.

Hair quality- 
  • I received remi hair which is processed keeping the strands running root-to-tip like your own hair, meaning the hair cuticles face the same direction, reducing tangling and matting.
  • The hair felt soft and thick but beautifully thinned out on the ends, creating a more natural look.
  • My hair was the lightest blonde (#60) yet felt in perfect condition.
  • The hair looked healthy and shiny but didn't have that overly processed sheen to it like some do.
  • Each weft is laid once in each piece meaning they weren't bulky at the root but still provided a believably thick extension.

  • The clips on the extensions are silicone lined, providing good grip and a cushion for your hair to be held in.
  • There are 6 pieces: 2X 1 clip pieces, 2X 2 clip pieces, 1X 3 clip piece and 1X 4 clip piece.
  • Each piece is cut to a good size so it was easy to fit on my head. Some extension pieces are cut very wide which would cause issues for all the little heads out there (not mine).
  • Once installed the hair blended in with mine so well, you couldn't tell i was wearing them. 

  • I wore the extensions for a full day, had no tangling and was able to easily run my fingers through to keep them  in good shape.
  • The clips held well and i had no slipping, even after brushing and styling them.
  • Overly thick extensions can sometimes pull on the hair too much and create soreness but these are the perfect mix of thick yet light to wear.
  • When i removed them i just brushed them through to store them and had no tangles at all.

  • The extensions took a curl/wave well but i did have to use fairly small pieces because the hair is so thick.
  • There was no apparent damage from curling them (i've had extensions before that started to look crispy after the FIRST heat style).
  • I didn't need any hairspray at all because they held the wave beautifully.
  • I did trim the 2X 2 clip pieces of extensions to frame my face and they were very easy to work with.
  • When i removed them i just brushed them through and hung them on a clippy hanger. The waves remained the next time i wore them.
  • The company do suggest keeping heat styling to a minimum, not using serums or oils and washing them just with warm water. 

These extensions are beautiful quality for the price (around $80 depending on exchange rate) and provide a natural looking full head of hair.
They're best suited for people who want their extensions to look like naturally long, healthy hair and not like thick, bluntly cut extensions.

After wearing them a handful of times now i'm really impressed with how they don't tangle and i had no matting in the back of neck like i have before. They lay beautifully and remain looking like natural hair.


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