My Guide to Clip-in Hair Extensions Pt2 (video)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Find pt 1 here!

Caring for your extensions:

Always check the company's recommendations for styling and extension care.
Try and keep heat styling and hair product to a minimum and store extensions on a clippy hanger to preserve the style.
Use a very gentle shampoo and conditioner, squeeze excess water out in a towel and hang to dry.
Take extensions to a professional to dye as some extensions have a sealant that affects how dye takes.

Styling your extensions:

I install my extensions then style once they're in, this helps your hair and the extension hair blend flawlessly.
Hold the curl/straightener over the ends of your hair for a little longer than the rest to further blend your hair and the extensions.
If your hair still doesn't blend, mist hairspray over the ends of your hair and comb into the extensions.

Clip ins vs other methods:

As far as i've found, clip ins produce the least amount of damage and look natural for longer.

Rapunzel Rapunzel hair runs from around $50 to $80 and after wearing these extensions a handful of times i'm still really impressed with the quality and i've had no tangling even after dancing the night away in them.

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