Vegan Leather Bags- luxury & high street price points (i think we all might need one... or two...)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Save some cows and make your next bag a vegan one!

Very pricey but chic as frick and totally timeless.

It wouldn't be a vegan bag post without the Falabella making an appearance. 
Mine is still one of my most favorite belongings!

Love this for every day use to as a little classy sass to any outfit.

I'm a long-time fan of these guys (formerly Tracce Bags) and they keep creating more and more awesome, great quality, vegan options at great prices.

The expandable sides make this bag one you'd carry your life in... and look badass while doing so.

Similarly to the Falabella, i don't feel i could write this without mentioning FP. 
They have a great selection of vegan leather items and this bag is one of my staples year-round.

I've found UE bags in T.J. Maxx before and have one of their Chanel style handbags which has lasted me over 5 years of frequent use! Great brand!

F21 consistently kill it on the vegan leather bag front and their prices are insane!


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