Georgie Beauty- PETA Approved Lashes?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Some things you don't necessarily think of the cruelty free-ness of at first and, for me, lashes and lash glue was one of those.

It turns out Georgie Beauty have beautiful lashes and lash glue that are both cruelty free and PETA approved.

Not only do they have beautifully packaged "compacts" filled with gorgeous lashes and animal friendly glue, but they also have boxed strip lashes and individuals, too.

Comment if you'd like to see a full review of these or a video review and demo <3


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  1. YES!!! Please do a review/demo. I really need to start getting in to lashes, but I feel like I never have an occasion to wear them.

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  3. Definitely do a demo and full review, never seen a video with lashes, would be lovely x

  4. Yes please. I would love to see a demo. I have to wear lashes when I perform but really struggle with applying them, and they never blend into my real lashes. Cheers x