Dr Dennis Gross- Clinical Concentrate Boosters

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

If you're already fairly happy with your skincare but feel like you need a little boost in some areas, the Dr Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Boosters might be just the thing for you!

I bought these minis in a set from Sephora but you can also buy full sizes. As someone with ever changing skin (usually combination but anything can happen), a trio like this is the perfect addition to my skincare arsenal.

You can use these alone, mix them with each other, or with other skincare items to target problem areas without buying a whole new skincare line.

Trying to think of which was my favorite, i realized i love them all but the one i don't use as much is the purifying booster just because my skin hasn't been too problematic in that area.

At $58 for the set ($36- $68 for full sizes), its not cheap but you also don't use much of each at all and for customizable skincare that works, i definitely think its worth the splurge if its something you're interested in.

With the holidays coming up, maybe this is something you might want to add to your christmas list...


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