Finding MIST-er Right.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Facial mists are an often overlooked yet lovely skincare addition that can set makeup, moisturize your skin and also just feel refreshing as hell. Behold... some of my favorites.

Fig & Yarrow: Complexion Water
This stuff smells like beautiful princess water. They have different scent options with toning, reparative and balancing effects. 

You can use this as a toner, a hydrating spritz or even a setting spray if you've over-powdered your face. Their mini is perfect carry-on size.

Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics: Vitamin D Mist
I can't help but feel transported to a tropical island after spraying this mist.
This is probably the most moisturizing of all the mists i've tried so its great for travel and staying hydrated on long-haul flights. Its ability to increase skin's resistance to environmental stress makes not only great for those living in smoggy cities but for anyone exposed to sun and wind damage.

Perfect as a light moisturizer or to set makeup, especially full coverage foundations that can be drying worn alone.

This beautiful mist is ideal for sun damaged or distressed skin and boasts collagen-boosting and hydrating properties as well as protecting skin from cellular damage. 
Great for more mature skin or skin exposed to the elements but also just a great all-rounder for anyone.

As with everything else so far this can be used under or over makeup and their travel size is perfect to top it up during the day.

This is another spritz full of the goodness of the ocean. Great to tighten up and tone pores without drying the skin. The rose and aloe in it makes for the perfect sun burn remedy- you can even keep it in the fridge! Lush also advise that it can help combat the yucky drying effects of airplanes.

I use this as a cleansing/toning swipe on a cotton pad or spray it into my palms to pat into my skin. The spray on mine isn't as fine as the other sprays so i wouldn't advise using it over makeup 'cause it can come on a little strong.

Have any of you ever tried making your own?


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