Repurposing: Candle Jars

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Whether you blow big bucks on candles, or buy them from walmart, it always seems like a waste to throw the jars out afterwards, doesn't it?

So once your candle is spent, what next? 
There are several different ways you can do this that i read up on but the one i found the easiest was the freezer method.

Once i'm no longer able to light the candle, its pretty obvious that its done. I let it cool to room temperature and then pop it in the freezer.

Generally i leave it in there overnight then in the morning, depending how much wax is left/the shape of the jar, i use a spoon or x-acto knife to chip the frozen wax away.

After removing the bulk of the wax i take a spoon and scrape away any remnants from the sides of the candle. You might find that there is discoloration from burning or some wax left so next i take a scrubbing sponge and some dish soap and clean the rest off that way.

Polish it dry and you've got yourself an adorable little cup for makeup brushes, pens, paintbrushes, shells or whatever else you need to be contained. If you're particularly crafty, you could even make yourself a new candle!

What do you do with your old candle jars?


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  1. I repurpose everything! I use my prettiest jars or candle tins as makeup brush holders, lip/eye pencil holders, if they have a lid i'll pour my body butters in it so it looks classier than a plastic tub. I use it in the kitchen sometimes as spice jars or to hold loose leaf teas. On my desk as pen holsters also I could go on and on but i will say my fave is reusing them to hold handmade gifts like body scrubs or candy jars. Glass is infinitely reusable.