On intolerances, allergies and holding your body to a higher standard.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Corn, dairy and processed sugars.

Those are the things i try and avoid at all costs. The first two because my body actively hates them and the latter, because i have a basic grasp of nutrition.

Some people are still of the mindset that intolerances and allergies aren't a real thing; like they don't believe in them. They believe sufferers are just being too sensitive or its all in their heads.
Its to those people that i suggest that maybe, just maybe i just hold my body to a higher standard.

In my experience its the same people who believe that, who also are some of the least healthy people. They're the ones who warn others that they just destroyed the toilet, that they just ate an entire large meat lovers pizza and can't walk up a flight of stairs without breaking into a sweat and panting.

Food sweats, my friend, aren't a healthy part of balanced nutrition. Sure, many of us have been there but if its just something that you're used to, you might want to think about evaluating your lifestyle.

I don't eat corn because it causes inflammation/PND in my sinus and feels like i have a constant head cold. Others might not even realize they are constantly sniffing or congested but now i have a taste for NOT feeling like that, i'm gonna go the extra step to keep it that way.

I don't eat dairy, not just because cows milk is for baby cows, but because i am severely lactose intolerant. It causes stomach pains, extreme bloating, diarrhea and awful toots. It also makes me lose my appetite completely for a few days after because my body is trying to figure out wtf to do with this stuff. Others might think that these things are just a normal part of digestion; i choose to skip that stuff.

Sugar used to be a grand old friend of mine but now, it makes me feel like shit. It gives me stomach aches, the jitters, the sugar come-downs and isn't great for your reproductive and urinary system- especially for us vagina owners.

Chances are, if you're reading this, you probably already listen to your body and try and follow a healthy lifestyle that suits you. If you experience other people poopooing your choices, feel free to paraphrase...

Maybe i'm just more in tune with my body and like keeping it happy.
I do only have this one to last me a lifetime, after all.


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  1. I 100% agree! My body dislikes dairy, gluten & sugar so I steer clear with the every now and then fruit in my vega breakfast shake. I should try eliminating corn from my diet and see if that makes my body even happier!! Especially the girl parts! ☺️

    1. For some reason in my brain, sugar from fresh fruits doesn't count haha.
      Unhappy girl parts are no fun but unsweetened cranberry juice can usually help save the day!

  2. Hey I just have a question for you, it may sound a bit weird but Im always confused, what is considered as ``sugar``? I don't really eat white sugar or overly processed food but do honey, maple syrup, sugar from fruit or even dark chocolate count as sugar ? :) Hope you can help me here.

    1. I guess technically sugar would include things like fruits, maple syrup etc but what i mean is processed sugar/ corn syrup/ cane syrup added to things.
      As for dark chocolate, you'd have to check the ingredients to see if it contains sugar.


  3. Yes! I have been trying to ignore how terrible my body feels all of the time from the crap I'm feeding it.
    This has made me realise I need to look after myself better.
    Thank you <3

  4. Have you ever encountered acne bc of allergies to food? If so, what is your remedy?

  5. Just seeing what my mum went through with food and her unexplained allergies toward them, the doctors still don't know why my mum is so sensitive towards a lot of foods but she copes really well and it made our family really think about what we were putting into our bellies. My mum can't eat dairy, tomatoes, onions or capsicum.

  6. in hints on how to wean myself off my sugar addiction? i go into withdrawals, actual headaches and anxiety. i know i need to just 'get through it' but if you have any other ideas, i'd love to hear them!