Eye on... Osea Malibu

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I received some goodies to try from Osea after stalking them on Instagram and figured i'd share my thoughts on my favorite items from their range.

Osea are a family business dedicated to producing ingredient-conscious skincare full of the goodness of the ocean. Read more about their awesome story here.

One thing i feel all the products have in common is that they balance your skin. They don't target only one issue, but strengthen your skin as a whole.

You can definitely tell they have an element of the ocean in these products, whether its the detoxifying effects of mineral salts or the renewing effects of algae's from around the world; they have something to offer everyone.

Ocean Cleanser
Left my skin feeling citrusy-fresh and balanced.

This cleanser is full of vitamins and minerals aimed to remove impurities (and makeup!) and balance your skin.

I found this especially awesome because i didn't feel i needed to immediately slather on moisturizer as some cleansers can leave my skin uncomfortably tight.

If you don't think this cleanser would be right for you, they have three, each with different properties depending on your cleansing needs.

Red Algae Mask
All the benefits of a clay mask, without the drying effects.

As someone with combination skin, it can be tricky to treat the oily areas without drying out the normal-dry bits. This mask is perfect for that because it not only draws out all the nasties and tightens pores but balances your skin's natural moisture barrier too. The best of both worlds!

Great for use on the oily t-zone area, especially around the nose because it also reduces the appearance of broken capillaries which most of us have, to some degree, in that area.

Sea Vitamin Boost
Super-soothing and anti-oxidant rich.

I did feature this before in my facial mist post so i won't go into too much more detail but this is another great for extreme weather.

Perfect for dry or sun-damaged skin yet still great on normal or oily skin types.

Eyes & Lips
A multi-tasking power house.

Osea really have a stand-out product here as far as i'm concerned. Eyes and lips are both delicate areas that can be the first to show signs of dehydration or aging; so why not create a product to treat both?

This cream doesn't leave any residue but it's effects are long-lasting, because of this it makes the perfect eye cream for makeup wearers.

It contains antioxidants and amino acids to stimulate collagen production and strengthen those delicate, dermal connective tissues.

Atmosphere Protection Cream
Instant absorbing, environmental protection.

As someone who travels a lot and lives through some pretty extreme winters, this is my new best friend.
Most super-nourishing, protective moisturizers leave a lot of greasy residue on my skin which isn't the best for an already grease-prone skin type who likes to wear makeup. Somehow this cream is absorbed fast and leaves no residue, yet still protects my skin throughout the day. It also makes a great base for makeup application.

It contains seaweed for its emollient properties and vitamin E to boost collagen and increase elasticity so you can bounce back from that long-haul flight faster.


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  1. Hello, ladybird! Recently I got the anti-aging body balm from your recommendations and I was just curious (no clue if your nipples are pierced, but mine are) if it's ok to go over my nips when I lather myself up in this stuff? I haven't yet, just in case, but thought I'd ask you anywho. Also, how long were you using this product before you noticed a difference in your skin? I've only used it twice so far, and so far everything seems the same (of course not right when I put it on, obviously). But maybe you've noticed benefits I just haven't reached yet? Thank you!