Urban Expressions GIVEAWAY!

Friday, April 17, 2015

I've been an Urban Expressions fan for many moons now so i was so excited about the opportunity to show you guys some of their newest creations!

Quinn Bag in Black- $70

  • Great size for all of your essentials and you can pack it to the brim!
  • Good quality zippers and hardwear.
  • Strap and handles are well made and not uncomfortable. Long strap is adjustable.
  • The "leather" is probably some of the most realistic i've seen. Soft, strong and beautifully stitched!

Odessa Bag in Black
  • Great size for handbag hoarders! You can fit at least 3000 lip products in here ;)
  • Made up of different textured "leathers" that compliment each other nicely.
  • Lots of pockets and zipped areas.
  • "Leather" is soft and slouchy with just enough structure.
  • Adjustable long shoulder strap and nice handles as before.

Sheena in Grey
  • Perfect Chanel alternative for designer lovers with a conscience.
  • Ultra long chain strap.
  • Very structured so i imagine it would wear very well.
  • Knot the strap if you want it shorter.
  • Stitching is all incredibly well done.
Krystyna in Dove Grey- $45
  • Full size women's wallet with plenty of compartments.
  • 8 card slots, interior zipped pocket and external zipped pocket.
  • Fits giant phones in like my iPhone 6+
  • I love the contrast zip detailing and zips all work smoothly.
Trenton in Black- $50
  • Same compartments as the Krystyna minus the outside zipped pocket.
  • Gold edging and zips.
  • I think this is big enough and enough of a statement piece that you could use it as a clutch.
  • I'd also 100% believe this was designer.

Although leather isn't always easy to avoid, Urban Expressions makes it very easy to do so!
I know some people have had concerns about faux leathers not breaking down/ biodegrading and how bad for the environment that is, well it seems Urban Expressions have thought of that, too.

"Unlike our competitors, Urban Expressions does not use harmful plastics in their products such as poly vinyl chloride (or PVC). UE products are made only with Poly Urethane (or PU). In comparison to PVC, PU is a better material because: 
  • Its natural, leather-like texture does not require the solvents (or harmful chemicals) used to soften PVC throughout the manufacturing process
  • It can be designed to deteriorate after a period of time which is great for the environment where as PVC is not biodegradable
  • Even though PU is biodegradable, it's still a much more durable, quality material unlike PVC"

Find more of these gorgeous bad boys at UrbanExpressions.net

You can also find Urban Expressions on:
Twitter- UE_handbags
Facebook- UrbanExpressions
Instagram- urbanexpressions

Don't forget, you can enter to win a grey Quinn bag from Urban Expressions on YouTube or Instagram.

Youtube: Check out the Urban Expressions website and post a comment letting me know what your favorite bag in their range is!

Instagram: Check my Instagram (@wifelife) for the giveaway graphic. Follow myself and @iheartue and regram the image tagging us both and using the hashtag #wifelifeurban

You can also get a 30% off discount by using WIFELIFEURBAN at the checkout on their website!


These purses were sent to me, free of charge by Urban Expressions.

This post is not a sponsored or paid advertisement.

All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest.
I got you, boo.


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