Friday, April 24, 2015

"WIMTB?", you ask?

What's in my travel bag!

First off, i wanna point out that not all of these products are necessarily cruelty free or vegan (although the majority are), but most are samples i'm trying to use up.

More than anything i just wanted to give you some ideas of things you could possibly ever need when traveling because i've really figured that out over the years from forgetting things.

Face products:
  • Face wipes- Great for obvious purposes but also work well for desperate times when you need a face-wipe, full-body shower.
  • Osea Eye & Lip- 2 products in 1, what more can i say? (Osea review here)
  • Osea Ocean Cleanser- A perfect little cleanser for my combo skin thats a little stronger than the OLO cleanser. 
  • Klorane Eye Makeup Remover- I HATE sleeping with eye makeup on so i can't go without. This one happened to be fairly natural and small so... in it goes.
  • Tea Tree Oil- So many purposes in one tiny bottle.
  • Mini Foreo Face Scrubber/ Vibrator- Much smaller than a clarisonic but not quite as scrubby.
  • Decanting Spray Bottle of Glycolic Toner- My skin always seems to suffer from traveling so its nice to have it feeling fresh and new again.
  • Osea Atmosphere Protection Cream- Can't live without this any more, check the review linked above.
  • Osea Red Algae Mask Sample- I love this mask and i love minis.
  • One Love Organics Easy Does It Cleanser- This is a wonder product. Works just as well to clean face/remove makeup, clean hair and body. Sometimes i just take this for my face but i wanted to give the Osea a bit more of a try.
  • Rose Hips Oil- A wonder oil for distressed skin.
  • SPF Lipbalm- I've needed this SO many times!
  • Tweezers
  • Q-Tips

Hair Products:
  • Mini Hair Straightener- Not the best flat iron but saves a lot of room!
  • Wide Tooth Comb- For that post-shower mop.
  • Fine Tooth/ Teasing Comb- I use this with the flat iron or for volume.
  • DermOrganic Hairspray, Conditioning Shampoo, Masque, Treatment Oil- These minis cover most of my hair needs and are easily available at Ulta.
  • Heat Protection Spray Sample- I don't love this but wanted to use it up.
  • Dry Shampoo- 'cause i am lazy.
  • Hair Texturizing Spray Sample- Again, not a favorite but a little guy perfect to bring along.
  • Heat Protection Mat- Because i don't want to burn shit.

Body Products:
  • Body Scrubber- I just got this at our local coop and thought it was a great, quick drying version of a loofah or pouf. I can't miss my body exfoliation!
  • Probiotics- Because my stomach is still suffering.
  • Pacifica Body Lotion- The perfect little luxurious body butter.
  • Dollar Shave Club Razor (affiliate link here)- Realistically it takes up the same room as a travel/mini razor and works better so...
  • SPF Spray
  • Fig + Yarrow Underarm Lotion- Its smaller than my deodorant, a little strange to apply but works really well.
  • One Love Organics Easy Does It Cleanser- One of the only body soaps that doesn't dry out my skin and works on EVERYTHING.

Mouth Products:
  • Beaming White Remineralizing & Teeth Whitening Pens (affiliate 80% discount code: WIFE80)- Gotta keep these bad boys white.
  • Mouthwash- Just whichever mini i could find, recommendations below.
  • Toothpaste- See above.
  • Toothbrush- Adam has my electric toothbrush with him and my head for it so this is just a backup in case Adam leaves me toothbrushless.
  • Flossy Things

Random Bits & Alternatives:
  • Cotton Pads- For eye makeup removal or toner use.
  • Nail Glue/ Superglue- You'd be surprised how many times i've needed this.
  • Pura D'Or Argan Oil- This works for face, body and hair too. Great if you're tight on space.
  • Diamancel no.1 File- Works on natural or gel nails really well, i'm never without it.
  • Contact Lens Solution- Because my eyes suck even though i wear daily contacts... shit, forgot those!
  • ELF Nail Polish Remover Rounds- Perfect for a quick change!
  • Mini Chocolate Raspberry Candle- Seemed cute.
  • Mini Self Tanning Lotion
  • Clear OCC Nail Polish- So many more uses than just for your nails!
  • Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Wipes- My crappy skin rescue.
  • Dr Bronners Soap- Again, works on hair, body and the kitchen sink.
  • Mini Scissors- Nails, fake eyelashes, threads on clothes...

And this is it all packed in! I really love this Sonia Kashuk bag and its TARDIS-like properties never cease to amaze me.

So because i love them so much, and because you've made it this far down in the post, i wanted to hold a blog-only giveaway so you can win one of your own little Sonia Kashuk travel bags filled with random samples and minis.

Not all the samples are vegan so if you don't want to just pass those on to a friend, i'm sure i'll have another fully vegan giveaway soon!

So all you need to do to win is leave a comment below listing 3 things you CANNOT travel without and i'll pick one at random in a week or so!

US entries only because i'm not sure how customs feel about samples etc.

Good luck!


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  1. I love travel related posts and seeing what makes everyone's cut when your limited on space. I can't enter the comp but still want to share my 3 things as I am saving for and planning a rtw trip atm and travel is on my mind :)

    1. My favourite Rosehip oil is by A'kin, a natural Australian brand. I love that I can use this in place of moisturiser. I am never without this product.
    2. Lush breath of fresh air toning water. I brought this based on your reviews and I love the smell and how fresh my skin feels. It worked great on the plane and was heaven in Bali's humidity.
    3. Scarf/Sarong/Blanket/Shawl in one. I picket up a gorgeous oversized scarf in Bali and it is such a multi purpose piece of fabric. This will definitely be coming with me everywhere from now on.

    1. Bonnie, i'd love to send you a shirt or something more customs friendly as a thanks for all the support... shoot me an email- rhianx@gmail.com

  2. I'm going on a trip soon, so all of your traveling posts are my current favorites.
    I cannot travel without:
    1. a large scarf - I get cold and miserable so easily and they fit easily in bags, so I almost always have one.
    2. my journal
    3. a hand lotion - I mix them up all the time, but lately it has been a shea butter infused one that leaves my hands feeling like they have gloves of shea butter on, in a good way of course.

    :) <3

  3. I can't travel without...

    1. Straighter- I have a full size Chi straightener, but with my curly locks I can't live without it.
    2. Chapstick- I have a weird addiction, dry lips irritates me so I use Jack Black Intense therapy Lip Balm.
    3. Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue- This stuff is awesome for when I don't want to do a full face of makeup. Super light and moisturizing but good coverage as well. Great for the Plane ride!

    Love your blog!
    Xo Michaela

  4. Thanks for sharing Rhian!

    I feel like I overpack when I travel because I'm slightly needy haha but for traveling must haves, I'd say....

    -my iPhone obviously (does that count? Ha)
    -my bag of necessary makeup
    -a sweatshirt/jacket because my body is overly sensitive to temperature

    Ps. I always need a daily dose of your blog!

  5. I have to travel a lot for work so I'm really exciting about sprucing up my routine using your suggestions! Thank you!
    The top three things I can't travel without are;
    1. Yes To blueberries makeup removal wipes.
    2. LimeCrime Velvetines (I know I know, but they have serious staying power).
    3. Pacifica Island Vanilla super hydrating hand cream.

  6. I love my Jason makeup remover pads, Colgate prevident, and Miracle Worker moisturizer by Philosophy! Thanks for this exciting giveaway!

  7. I can't travel without
    1. Body shop camomile cleansing oil as it doubles up to clean my make up brushes.
    2. Superdrugs B. Micella water as it makes my skin feel super fresh.
    3. Coconut oil for everything and anything :) xx

  8. I can't travel without
    1. Body shop camomile cleansing oil as it doubles up to clean my make up brushes.
    2. Superdrugs B. Micella water as it makes my skin feel super fresh.
    3. Coconut oil for everything and anything :) xx

  9. 1. Coconut oil!
    2. Journal
    3. Large scarf

  10. I can't travel without:
    1. Water bottle- currently my lululemon glass bottle. Because fuck $7 airport water bottles, and my skin gets weird and dry when I fly so, hydrate!
    2. Arbonne cellular renewal masque. Doubles as a cleanser and a deep clarifying/exfoliating mask, to keep the weird travel yuck skin at bay.
    3. Dr. Bronner's soap because he does it all.

  11. I can't live without:
    *Lip Balm...who likes the feeling of dry lips? Not me!
    *Moisturizer...face, body, everything!
    *Wipes....they have many purposes and who doesn't like to feel refreshed?!

  12. I always ALWAYS bring mini shampoo/conditioner.
    Face wipes.
    Face lotion.

  13. My three must haves are dry shampoo in dark brown (because even my freshly washed hair looks stringy after a long flight), ipod and my mini purse sized makeup bag filled with essentials (I know I'm cheating on the three items list). I was stuck in London overnight due to a delayed flight but my bags were already en route to Los Angeles. Thank God for my travel makeup bag. In the morning at the Holiday Inn I was still able to have on concealer, mascara (Too Faced sample), eyeliner, cream blush, lippie and eyebrows. You can never be too prepared!

  14. Hopefully I'm not too late to enter. So be it if I am, but here are my top 3 cannot-go-without's anyhow.

    1. Under eye concealer/corrector. Elf HD Lifting Concealer in Fair.
    2. Brow tamer. Anastasia Brow Wiz in Charcoal and Wet n' Wild clear mascara.
    3. Mascara. Wet n' Wild Mega Lengths in Black.