Bloom Boutique

Thursday, June 25, 2015

I post a lot of reviews on products from big brands but figure it was time to support small businesses making vegan products, too.

Bloom Boutique were generous enough to send me some of their vegan items to try so here's the scoop!

"Bloom Boutique is dedicated to the highest quality vegan beauty products as well as clothing and accessories. All of our soaps and candles are 100% natural and contain no harsh chemicals or dyes. All of the botanicals used are homegrown and organic. Our candles are made purely of soy, no colorants are added and each up-cycled candle container is unique. Each of our clothing items and accessories are thrifted by us with our customers in mind."

On opening the package from them i noticed this beautiful, fresh linen smell and was excited to see a big candle was the culprit (i might have a small problem with candles) and couldn't wait to light it.

When burning, the candle doesn't give an overwhelming synthetic scent, just a very fresh, clean smell. I love burning this in our entry way or living room where our dogs like to hang out to keep it fresh and not so doggy.

The next thing i tried out was their adorable heart-shaped solid lotion bar with a lemongrass scent. A few swipes up and down my forearm and i was able to rub the lotion in completely, leaving my skin super soft and moisturized without being slimy or oily. Plus, it seemed to last all day!

Their little lip balm pots have THREE ingredients: organic coconut oil, candelilla wax and shea butter. If you've ever looked for natural lip balms, you'll know most of them contain beeswax but not this lil guy.

This would be perfect for anyone who wants long lasting hydration without any glossy residue- so so smooth!

A couple of other cute things they sent were a white floral choker and a little "seed bracelet".

Surprisingly i love the little choker but would've never thought to purchase it myself and the seed bracelet would be lovely layered with other bracelets.

Overall a great little brand and i can't thank them enough for sharing some of their handmade vegan goodies with me!

What are your favorite small businesses?


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