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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I'd been thinking recently about how i hadn't had any subscription boxes in a while and then as if by magic, an email from a new organic subscription service, Babe Boxx appeared.

I knew Babe Boxx were cruelty free and partnered with organic, natural and non-toxic brands but wasn't sure of their stance on being vegan. Nicole from BabeBoxx told me that of the 3 boxes they've send out, only 1 item was not vegan and the next 3 boxes they had curated were fully vegan. 

Since they are a fairly new sub box, i'm sure they'd be receptive to feedback so if you are interested and find products being vegan important, definitely contact their customer service to assure you'll only get the vegan items and perhaps encourage them to commit to vegan only (they may well be intending to do this already but it doesn't hurt to ask).

I posted my Babe Boxx on Instagram and a couple of you asked me to review it so here it is!

The Babe Boxx i received was really cutely packaged and contained 6 items from various brands. There were no annoyingly tiny samples (which some sub boxes are full of, disappointingly) and it smelled like coffee and walnut cake... you'll understand why in a minute.

This cute little duo from Urban Oreganics was the first thing to catch my eye because these sizes are great to stuff my ever-ready travel bag with. While i am saving them for that, i did give them a little test just to see what they were like.

The cleansing grains are very fine so won't irritate sensitive skin types but it contains oats and green clay (along with some other goodies) that i know to be great for cleansing and soothing the skin.

I swiped a tiny dab of the facial cream on my face and was so surprised to see how far that tiny dab went. It sunk in really quickly but left my skin feeling plump and smooth, i think this would be great for anyone but especially anyone who wants to avoid signs of aging or help the appearance of those signs that might already be there.

I did take a look at their etsy store and WOW their packaging is flawless. They offer refills on items at a discounted price so you can just top up your glass bottle/jar from your previous order- genius!

Any way, they have a gorgeous selection of things and i've been eyeing up their rose water to try so that might be my next purchase.

This little facial oil has a lot more to it than expected. It felt beautiful when applied but after reading up on it, its really packed with everything nature has to offer.

They suggest it suits all skin types and promotes cellular regeneration with rosehip seed, watermelon seed and borage oils, to name a few.

I'm glad i tested this little highlighter from GIA Minerals out because its something i'd ordinarily overlook.

This is in the color aurora and is a beautiful frosty pink shade. I'd definitely recommend this to those who prefer a pink toned highlight or are looking for a pigment for the eyes in this shade.

So this is the coffee and walnut cake culprit, the "Call Me Skinny" shower scrub from Skin Food by Aubrey. This is one of the times where i truly wish there was smell-o-vision because it truly smells good enough to eat.

Its a lovely exfoliating and moisturizing scrub made with finely ground coffee beans infused in an oil blend for 12 weeks!!

I can't wait to share this in the shower with my husband because coffee and walnut is his favorite!

This Lauren Brooke Lash Strengthening Mascara is one i haven't tried out yet since i have my lash extensions still but i'm intrigued to try it eventually.

It has lots of organic ingredients in it to help protect your lashes!

Over all i'm super impressed with Babe Boxx and found a few brands i'm definitely going to look into. Beauty boxes like these are especially awesome for people trying to buy cruelty free or vegan because they introduce you to brands you might not have otherwise found!

Thanks Babe Boxx!


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