Fig + Yarrow Goodies For Your Mouth

Thursday, June 04, 2015

The quest for vegan tooth paste isn't always an easy once since i can't pronounce half of the ingredients let alone identify what they are, so i decided to give some more natural options a go.

Fig + Yarrow Organic Tooth Powder
Tooth paste in a powder? Seems odd, right? I've actually really liked using this and although it doesn't have your typical artificial tooth paste taste, i still feel squeaky clean after using it.

I just sprinkle a little on a wet toothbrush and carry on as normal.
Although the price seems steep, you only need to use the smallest amount and this will last forever. The fact its not a liquid also makes it great for travel!

Fig + Yarrow Organic Oral Hygiene Rinse
Similarly to the tooth powder, i was surprised at how much i liked this. You don't get the minty sting of a regular mouth wash but you do end up feeling just as fresh.  

Fig + Yarrow can be hard to find sometimes so if you can't get them on Amazon, definitely check their website!

I'll keep you guys updated as to how i like them in a few more weeks and please feel free to share your oral hygiene favorites in the comments below.

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