Kat Von D Review & Demo

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

After Logical Harmony announced Kat Von D's makeup line as being cruelty free and having many vegan options, naturally i needed to try some of them out!

The line as a whole is beautifully packaged, long-wearing and well thought-out. As i mentioned in the video, its odd to me that some people are bummed at her products being full coverage because i think they represent her as a person. While, yes they are full coverage, if you use them properly and tinker around you can get a variety of looks with them.

Lock-It Powder Foundation in Medium 57
A light application of this is perfect to set your face but to use alone i'd advise using a flat top kabuki and buffing the product into the skin.
When used alone its very layer-able while still remaining skin-like.
Its long lasting but also works well to throw in your bag for touch ups if you know your foundation wears off through out the day.

This is my favorite of the bunch. Perfect color, perfect applicator and perfect staying power.
You can achieve a variety of effects with this pen from hair strokes to soft, overall definition.

This is definitely going to be my summer brow product because its sweat proof doesn't leave me with any powdery residue in my brow hairs like some pencils or powders can.

I think this full coverage foundation has more to offer than people expect. Yes, it can be very full coverage but applied over a good moisturizer and really buffed in, it doesn't have to be cakey at all! 

I found this lasted well throughout the day even around my nose, i just needed the tiniest bit of the powder foundation to touch up but i think that was partly my fault for applying too much in the first place and experiencing a little separation. 

I think the key is to use less and build it up as you go, don't just slap a load on and wonder why you look like you're wearing fondant icing.

Lock-It Concealer in Light 16
This was another one i'd seen people having problems with online but i actually really liked.
Again, the coverage is very full but applied on moisturized skin and worked in with a damp sponge, it gives naturally flawless results.

Some may appear a little grey when you swatch them but applied to the face it seems perfect.

The staying power of this is very impressive, even after eating greasy food i found it just faded overall instead of cracking or going patchy.

I love this color and wish she had a bigger variety of the more natural shades but hopefully thats in the works!

For those who are pale and want a "your lips but better" nude shade, this is perfect!

I prefer using it with a little lip liner just to define the edges but the color is the perfect nude for pale people who don't want a brown color.

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  1. Loving the colour of the Lolita lipstick! Thanks for this review. :)