World Ocean's Day

Monday, June 08, 2015
 Growing up on the little island of Britain, there wasn't a year of my life where i didn't find myself in the ocean at least once.
I always loved the salt water taste on my skin on the way home, the crunchy waves in my hair (until it came to brushing it), exploring in rock pools and wondering how the ocean could be so rough yet hold me buoyant in the gentlest of ways.

Dorset, UK

Now, living on a lake, i still love the water but every year i experience the slight disappointment of getting a wave to the face and not tasting that familiar salt.

That disappointment soon dissipates as soon as i meet someone who has never seen the ocean and quickly turns into excitement at the thought of someone experiencing it for the first time.

I think its this familiarity and sense of home with the ocean that made me fall in love with Osea as a brand, not only for their incredible products but the story behind it,

"Osea is the story of four generations of women who fell in love with the sea." (read more here)

So when i heard that Osea was doing something incredible for World Ocean's Day, i had to share it with you guys.

Bora Bora

Until midnight tonight (Monday), Osea are donating 20% of all sales to Mission Blue, an amazing organization that works to protect our oceans and increase protected areas by 20% by 2020!

Cannon Beach, Oregon

So if you've seen any of my previous Osea mentions or were waiting for a the perfect time to try something, today might be the day to do something nice for yourself and the planet.

If theres one product i'd suggest trying its their Atmosphere Protection Cream. Its probably one of the only skincare items that i'd had drastic, long lasting results from (OLO eye balm is the other). Its lightweight but totally hydrating without blocking any pores. Its one of the only full size products i travel with purely because i can't go without it.

They have great starter kits if you're not sure what else to try, too.

Hastings, UK

This has been a little bit of a weird post but its not often a company you love does something so awesome so i had to share!

The oceans are beautiful and largely unexplored, lets not deprive future generations of its wonder.

Maui, Hawaii
Find out more about Mission Blue here!

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  1. Awesome post. I am also ocean obsessed being lucky enough to grow up in a coastal town where the beach was our playground. I feel like everyday I am hearing about a new way in which our oceans are at risk, it is so devastating. In Australia the Great Barrier Reef is at risk from dredging and the expansion of a massive coal port. It's great to see companies that give back to worthy causes. Thanks for sharing this Rhian and enjoy the lake this summer x