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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Growing up in the UK, i am very familiar with Soap & Glory but after falling out of touch with the brand, i was pleasantly surprised to recently find out that they have LOTS of vegan options!

The brand reached out to me to see if i'd like to try out some of their items and although were very generous with what they sent (thank you x100000), i'm under no obligation to post/review/push their products. Although i'm sure you guys know the drill by now.

For those of you who haven't heard of the brand, they've been sold in Boots in the UK for many years now and are known for their fun brand philosophy, effective products and great pricing. Or in their own words,
"We're a fun, fresh, fearless, fantastic British beauty brand. And we're known for wonderfully effective bath, body and skincare products including the super-plumping lip gloss Sexy Mother Pucker™ and award winning The Righteous Butter™ body butter. Soap & Glory recommends applying products with happiness and abandon, because while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn't matter absolutely."

Now selling in a variety of countries, including the good old USA, i figured it was a great brand to share with you guys because its so widely accessible now.

If you'd like to see their full list of vegan items, you can see them here in their FAQ! I love their website because if you find a product that you love the scent of, you can then search for other items with the same fragrance and hot damn, i appreciate those small things when it comes to shopping online.

On to the review...

Scrub Your Nose In It- $12, Face Soap & Clarity- $15

Starting with the face, i found both of these products to be effective, gentle and pack great bang for your buck!

Scrub Your Nose In It is a cooling blue cream cleanser with the finest microderm scrubbers i've ever experienced. The fine exfoliating particles do a great job at breaking down any dead skin build up (especially around the nose for us normal/dry/oily combo cuties) while the cream they're suspended in provides a great smooth lather to prevent too much scrubbing irritation. 
After scrubbing a dollop into my t zone for 2 minutes, i rinse with room temp water, pat dry and wait for the cooling sensation to kick in.

Great for after a long day of full-on makeup or in the morning for a cooling wake-up call.

The first thing i noticed about the Face Soap & Clarity Wash was the sheer size of the bottle! 16+oz for $15 is an awesome deal because this will last you forever!

I love this cleanser for the mornings where i want to wash away the night's oils and start fresh. Although it doesn't have the cooling effect of the scrub, it definitely has a bright, fresh scent that wakes you up via the nose.

It gives a great clean without leaving my skin feeling overly dry and i think this would be a great one for anyone looking for a new cleanser who doesn't really know where to start. 

Flake Away- $15, The Righteous Butter- $15

This is a great duo to slough off all that dry, winter skin and leave you feeling silky smooth!

Flake Away Body Polish is a delicious peach scrub (think ye olde faithful apricot scrub but for your bod) that boasts transforming your legs from "reptilian to radiant" and does just that. 

If you have fairly dry skin on your body like me, you'll know its hard to find the right balance between exfoliating the dead skin away and not irritating the new skin beneath. My legs especially get very dry and lizard-like but this scrub really helps to make them look more human and supple.

The shea butter and almond oil keeps your skin hydrated and means the exfoliating scrubbers have a nice soft buffer to glide across your skin and aren't too harsh. The scent is fruity and girly but not sickly.

This is a great option to use before a self tanner because it doesn't leave an oily residue.

The perfect follow up to that is The Righteous Butter, this is one of the products they're known for and was voted Britain's Best Body Butter. I've been hearing about it for years so was excited to get to try it and now totally understand the hype.

S&G suggest applying it to damp skin and i LOVE products that work like this to really trap in the moisture. Although it has a thick consistency, as soon as you begin to massage it into the skin, it really melts away and is absorbed so quickly. 

It's shea butter and aloe ingredients would make this really soothing for sunburned bodies or other irritation.

For the smoothest legs of the summer, i use the scrub, then shave and follow up with the body butter and WOW i have some smooth stems.

The Firminator- i could only find this on the UK site

The Firminator boasts that it can help the appearance of cellulite and help tone the skin, while i don't feel i can either confirm or deny those specific claims... here's why i like it any way.

For those of you who want hydrated skin with no residue, this stuff is awesome. Its easily absorbed and makes your skin glow without looking or feeling sticky. The peppermint in it gives a refreshing, cooling effect and would be great for summer for that sensation as well as the fact that sand/pollen/dust isn't going to stick to your lotioned up legs!

As i said, i can't comment on whether it has helped my cellulite or not but as a lotion, i love it!

If you like keeping your paws soft and supple, these two little tubes are your friends!

Hand Food is great for deep hydration without the sticky residue. Its easily absorbed, smells delightful and doesn't need to be reapplied for a WHILE! 

I'm definitely gonna try and get a mini for my carry on bag because its the perfect formula for travel and the scent just gives you that fresh boost you need after being in a tin can for a few hours.

Heel Genius packs a double punch with fruit acids to break down dry skin and several hydrating ingredients to penetrate your hoofs to leave them soft and yummy. 

I like to apply this thick before bed and when i wake up it honestly feels like i've had a pedicure. You can apply it a little lighter in the day time and its quick absorption means you won't be slipping on any hard floors... throw on a pair of socks if sliding around is your thing, however.

Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick- $10

Lastly is their gloss stick, yes... a stick of gloss! I know i say it at least 100X a day but DAMN this will be good for travel; you have the effects of a gloss but in solid form so you don't need to bag it up in your carry on! The stick form also makes for easy application because you can apply it like a chapstick, press your lips together and you're ready to go.

This shade, Nudist (check their FAQ for other vegan cosmetic items), is a perfect every day color for a variety of skintones because it goes on so sheer with just a hint of a tint.

Overall i'm really impressed with everything and i've been eager to take more baths to make the most of all these pampering products.

Have you guys ever tried anything from Soap & Glory?

Note: Soap & Glory are currently pending on Logical Harmony's CF list so shoot them a tweet or email encouraging them to get certified by the lovely Tashina!


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