Inika try-on & review

Monday, February 15, 2016

Inika were recently added to Logical Harmony's Cruelty Free Brand List so i was excited to give them a try since i'd not heard much about them.

Their products aren't cheap by any means but their passion for providing organic, vegan products that are free of all nasties explains that.

Mine did ship from the UK which i didn't realize prior but it didn't take long to arrive and means readers on both sides of the Atlantic can enjoy these products!

Organic Creme Eyeshadow in Champagne 7ml - $20 

  • The tube dispenses a LOT of product if you're not ready for it so be prepared.
  • Very pretty color but blends out to almost nothing but a faint shimmer and a LOT of glitter.
  • Like i said in the video, it might work as a base for pigments or for someone who really just wants a sheer application but definitely not for me.

Mineral Foundation Powder SPF15 in Trust 8g - $40.00

  • Pricier than Bare Minerals ($28.50 for the same amount) but i'm guessing that reflects the ingredients from reading Inika's philosophy
  • Applied easily and blended out seamlessly. Pretty much idiot proof as long as you can grasp blending in circles. Use a dense brush for full coverage or a fluffier brush for a lighter coverage.
  • I do feel you use a lot of product when buffing it in for a full coverage application but that might just be in my head since i tend to go for liquid foundations.
  • The finish is beautiful, covers everything but still looks like skin. Similar finish to Tarte's Airbrush Foundation but even better in my opinion.
  • Lasting power was actually pretty shocking to me. After a day of housework and rubbing my face, it was still perfect late into the night- even around the nose which is always where my foundation disappears from first. I'd definitely wear this for a long day or night out!

Mineral Eyeshadow in Whisper 1.2g - $20
  • Absolutely love this shade, its the perfect pale, yellow toned gold.
  • Applies easily with your finger or a brush and really blends into skin easily with little fall out.
  • Finish lasted late into the night and was just as bright as when i first applied.
  • I think you could use this as a highlight if it suited your skin tone because of its gorgeous sheen.
  • I'd definitely try out more shades but be aware the product photos on their website aren't very accurate as Whisper appears more taupey on my monitor but i love it nonetheless. 

Mineral Blusher Puff Pot in Pink Pinch 3g - $35
  • Like i mentioned in the video, i'm not sure if its just my memory of the Dior one i had like this many moons ago thats making me love this so much but theres something so adorable and luxe feeling about it. Sort of old movie star-ish.
  • Super easy to apply, just shake upside down a couple times and press/puff into cheek area in small circular motions.
  • Shade is very pretty and complimentary for very pale to tan skin tones, i'm not sure how this might show on darker skin.
  • Awesome for travel or touch ups because of its compact size and easy application. 

Mineral Blush Loose Powder in Peachy Keen 3g - $35
  • The shade looks terrifying when you first open it, like a shimmery tangerine, but keep an open mind and give it a go.
  • Applies best with a small duo fiber brush. Work in small circles and take time to work it in to the skin, its not challenging at all and gives a gorgeous finish so enjoy the process.
  • The shade is just GORGEOUS and you can get a very natural flush, all the way up to a really bright pop so have fun with it and see what you feel best in.
  • Would work on a variety of skin tones because of how build-able it is and is ideal for a bright pop on darker skin especially.
  • Lasted all day layered over both liquid and powder foundations- i'm obsessed with this.

Besides the creme eyeshadow (and i might just be doing it wrong, lmk) i love everything i tried and would definitely be interested in trying more. I think the pricing is fair considering the performance and ingredients.

If you've tried any Inika products, do let me know your favorites below!


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  1. Thank you for this, it really helped me. I've been using Bare Minerals since I started wearing makeup and I'm definitely on the late train when it comes to doing lady things. I started with mineral because all of the creams, liquids, and even pressed powders I've tried make my face feel like it can't breathe or like it's obvious that I'm wearing a liquid. They have all shown my laugh lines and lines around my nose after about 5 minutes of wear. So I suppose I like mineral foundation because it has worked for me and I'm too lazy/poor to try new things hahah. I also have freckles so I like to wear light coverage or I would just look ridiculous if I tried to cover my freckles. And all of the liquids or creams I've tried have have been too full coverage for me. I've been slowly transitioning all of my makeup and tools to cruelty free, so I didn't know where to go when it comes to foundation because I didn't see Bare Minerals on Logical Harmony's list.

    1. Hi Jordan,

      Try using a fluffier brush for a lighter application of any foundation to let your freckles show through.
      Bare Minerals is actually on the Logical Harmony list... they're owned by a parent company who tests (LH explains it all on their site) so i avoid them.

  2. Oooh, thank you for the tip! If I did switch to a liquid or cream what would you suggest as a starter? Like a CC or just go for it with something like Born This Way? Combination skin.

    1. Just kidding, I just checked out your vegan foundation video- so helpful, thank you so much!