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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A lot of you ask for primer recommendations and i always say the same thing- "i really don't use primers"... but, as usual if you bug me about something enough i will find out the answer for you.

These two options from Pacifica are both awesome for very different reasons so lets jump in!

Rose Gold Brightening Primer Serum

 For anyone who needs hydration prior to applying makeup so mature or dry skin would love this. Also, for times when you don't want mineral powders or full coverage foundations to look too dry, cakey and powdery.

I like to apply this with a duo fibre brush all over my face, down my neck and across my collar bone for a glowy, but not greasy, finish.

Overall a great hydrating primer as well as a gorgeous dewy moisturizer for days when you don't want to wear makeup. See it in action here.

Jasmine Iris Oil Control Primer

If you want a traditional silicone-feeling primer without the pore blocking yuck- this is your new bff. It smooths skin and creates the perfect base without being overly drying. This combined with the Dreamy Cover Serum Foundation will give you china doll skin.

Even though i hate the feel of makeup on my hands, i do think this one is best applied with the fingers so you can be sure you have it exactly where you need it. The heat of your fingers seems to help work it into the skin too.

A wonderful smoothing primer for anyone who wants to smooth out enlarged pores or fine lines while still being kind to the skin. See it in action here.

If you do have combination skin, you could even apply the Jasmine Iris Primer down your t-zone and the Rose Gold Primer anywhere you want a plump sheen.

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