Cover FX Click Sticks

Friday, March 18, 2016

I tried out the Cover FX Click Sticks... lets see how it went!

Products used:

  • Correct Click in Yellow & Peach -
  • Cover Click in G40 & G80 -
  • Click Stick X2 -
  • You can also buy them together (as a threesome) here -
  • Too Faced Love Flush Blush in How Deep Is Your Love -
  • Too Faced Primed & Poreless Setting Powder -


Correct Clicks
  • Great pigmentation and color range for a variety of shades and discoloration.
  • Texture is easy to blend but retains its pigmentation well (doesn't blend out to nothingness).
  • Yellow is beautifully brightening in key areas after foundation application as well as beneath foundation to correct mild redness.
  • Peach is great for under eye darkness, dark spots or any blue toned discoloration. Best used with the warmth of your fingers if you're not going to top it with foundation or concealer.
  • Very reasonable price for the amount in the stick, i think if you're used to pots of concealer or corrector this might seem like a small amount but its really not.

Cover Clicks
  • The usual great color range of Cover FX is reflected in this new product also.
  • Easy to blend with a kabuki or fingers to a soft satin finish.
  • I found G40 was the perfect shade and i could spot correct with it without it being detectable at all.
  • Used as a foundation and bronzer or highlighter and bronzer, these products blend beautifully to an almost airbrushed satin finish.
  • Initially, as mentioned in the video, i thought the amount of product to be surprising but ounce for ounce compared to other stick foundations, its actually very comparable.
  • Lasted well throughout the day and retained its satin/skin-like finish without breaking up or getting oily.
  • Although you might have to buy it more often than some stick foundations, i think the ease of portability and the fact you don't have to worry about using up product before its use-by date makes it well worth it.
  • Amazing for travel or touch ups through out the day. After a few more uses, i'll definitely be bringing these on trips for super easy makeup application.

Overall, i think the "Clicks" system is an awesome idea. Especially for those who are on the go a lot of just like multi-use, minimal products. 

I do think the Click Stick itself could maybe be improved upon since you can't easily have both products out at once but maybe once you're on the go and are using them, you wouldn't want both out at the same time any way? Its probably just me being picky.

If any of you have these products, please do share your opinions below!


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  1. Can't decide if I want these or the Illamasqua cream pigments for color correcting.

  2. Have you noticed if the sticks are drying out at all? The click stick looks awesome, love the idea of the 2 in one, but im worried that because its not a conventional lid that maybe it would let more air in and dry out your product faster than if it was topped with its origional lid.
    Im a stay at home mom so i only where foundation about once a week but i love makeup and was thinking the size of these would help me use them before they expire but was worried that it might not matter because of them drying out.
    Any thoughts?