Current Skincare Routine

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Its no secret that i love skincare, and due to my skin type (combo/a bit of everything) and job, i'm able to switch it up regularly so let me tell you whats tickling my fancy right now.

First thing:
As soon as i wake up i like to give my face a clean and put my contacts in. These two leave me feeling fresh and nourished instantly.
-Pacifica Cactus Water
-Leahlani Morning Elixir

After dog walk/breakfast/yoga/shower:
Once i've completed all my various morning tasks, its time to hop in the shower where i use a mild exfoliating cleanser followed by a simple toner, moisturiser and of course an SPF, leaving my skin ready for makeup or to go bare-skinned.
-Derma E Glycolic Cleanser
-Derma E Toner
-Osea Atmosphere Protect Cream

Night time:
When i'm ready to take my makeup off, i start with a makeup eraser to remove as much as possible then follow up with a gentle cleanser and exfoliator to remove any oil or debris thats fallen into my pores. I follow it up with the same toner i used in the AM and usually a mix of two oils!
-Makeup Eraser
-One Love Organics Easy Does It Cleanser
-One Love Organics Brand New Day Scrub
-Derma E Toner
-Uma Deeply Clarifying Oil and/or Leahlani Evening Elixir

This has been my favorite mask combo for a while now as i find it draws out yuckiness but isn't at all irritating or drying to my skin.
-Leahlani Kokoleka Mask mixed with a little water and a few drops of Uma's Clarifying Oil

If you're interested in SPFs, be sure to check back tomorrow for info on my current faves!

Whats your skin care regimen like currently? Are you a soap and water person or a 15 step facial person?


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  1. Hey, thanks for this! It's so helpful! Would you recommend the Derma E eye cream? Do you use an eye cream at night?

  2. What is the stone rolling gadget in your photo used for? Would you recommend it?

    1. Its a jade roller, you can find it here -

      You can use it hot or cold!