CF Vegan Goodies from Petit Vour

Thursday, June 30, 2016
Petit Vour are my favorite vegan beauty box and introduce me to so many new companies i've not heard of before. Lets see what was in this past month's box...

Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer - $38
When i first applied this, it struck me how thick it seemed when rubbing it into the skin so i assumed it wouldn't be a good fit for my oily/combination skin. Within a minute it had completely sunk into my skin and left the nicest matte base that was hydrated and plumped at the same time.

I'm going to keep this for use when we're hiking or times when i don't want to apply makeup because it gives such a nice matte finish by itself that i felt pretty confident in my skin even without makeup.

EVOLVh Smart Volume Leave In Conditioner - $27
Typically i don't have great results with similar products and find they either give no (noticeable) results or make my fine hair very heavy and dirty-feeling. Again, i was pleasantly surprised.

I applied it to damp hair, combed it through with my fingers then wrapped my hair up in my Aquis towel. While blow drying i noticed my hair had some thickness and texture without being weighed down; i guess thats where the "SmartVolume" comes in? I also noticed my hair retained its volume and style after sleeping on it too which is usually an area of frustration for me.

I'll definitely be using this tester up over the next few weeks and potentially ordering the full size!

Suntegrity Lip CPR SPF30 - $28 (top to bottom shades are sunburst pink & sunny blush) 
The two little samplers of lip product are something i'd usually overlook but i'm so glad i swatched these for you guys because i actually fell in love with the product.

SPF lip products have a reputation for leaving a strange cast on the lips, even tinted ones. These are the most hydrating, plumping lip colors i've tried and the fact it has SPF in is just an amazing bonus.

The ingredients definitely give you a lasting feeling of lip health even after its eventually worn off, i loved these so much i ended up ordering the shade "sunrise peach" in the full size!

Precious Skin Elixirs Exfoliating Clay - $70
The first thing i noticed about this was the gorgeous packaging (if you appreciate the packaging on the mini, check out the full size- g'damn) so i had high hopes for it because thats just how my brain works.

I tried this a few times and each time just didn't feel like it did much, i'm not sure if i didn't mix it with the right powder to water ratio or if its just not suited to my skin but i really didn't notice much of a difference.

Perhaps if you had very sensitive skin and aren't used to more "aggressive" exfoliators, this might be great but it just didn't do it for me. I'll definitely use it up and see if my opinion changes.

Overall another great box from Petit Vour that helped me discover some products i wasn't aware of.
Be sure to check out their store (i may have spent way too much there last night- let me know if you'd like a haul) and consider their beauty box if you're new to vegan beauty or just want to discover some new gems.


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  1. Yea!! I love Petit Vour. I don't get the monthly box because my skin was reacting badly to trying new things. Do you ever find that to be the case? I would love to see your Petit Vour haul. I'm possibly placing my own order right now... ;)

    1. Oh no, thats no good! Luckily it only happens to me once in a blue moon and generally i just switch to a simple cleanser and moisturizer for a few days and my skin recovers quickly.

      I'll be sure to do that haul video and be sure to let me know what you might possibly have ordered too ;)

  2. Do you or Tashina have an promo codes for the petit vour boxes?
    I never get time to shop and I think it would be great for me to try new things as I have used up majority of my un-vegan makeup and am now repurchasing products that are vegan.
    Do you prefer the petit vour over vegan cuts?

    1. Checking in with PV to see what i can do!!

      Petit Vour i'd say is my favorite beauty box but Vegan Cuts snack box is amazing!