Pore-purging with Pacifica

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
As promised/warned... here's more on great skincare to de-clog pores. This time i'm showing you incredible items from my loves at Pacifica.

As i mentioned before, a great exfoliator is so important if you're a daily SPF wearer as it can really clog your pores. I've found this duo (once a week, lets say) combined with a sauna (steaming over a bowl or even after a hot shower/bath would work too) really helps to clear out all the gunk.

I start by removing my makeup either with an oil cleanser or face wipe then hop in the (dry) sauna to open my pores for a bit. Then i apply a thin layer of the Pore Refine Mask which is a clear gel (smells like strawberries and gently dries on the skin to draw out nasties and tighten), then hop back in the (still dry) sauna for about 15 minutes.

I step out and rinse the mask off and get back in the sauna and steam steam steam to really open up your face and encourage any residual yuck to pop out. After about 20 minutes of this i get back out, scrub my face with their Glow Baby Scrub, finish with an icy cold splash and some Dreamy Youth Face Cream e voila... tighter, unclogged pores are all yours!

You definitely don't have to add in the sauna like i did but it can be really beneficial to your skin and amp up your skincare.

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