June Favorites

Friday, July 01, 2016
Another month has gone by and i've discovered new things so.... lets sit down and discuss.

Items mentioned:

Amethyst Phone Case - http://bit.ly/298u4rR 
Lipstick in Perspective - http://bit.ly/1SVc7LN 
Travel Hairbrush - http://bit.ly/295Vnlq 
Hairdryer - http://bit.ly/296GNq7 
Battery Pack - http://bit.ly/295VPAj 
Skin Oil Rollerball - http://bit.ly/296Hbos 
Makeup Brush Wipes - http://bit.ly/295Wq4S 
Body Wash - http://bit.ly/2986x6X 
One Step Gels in Angel of Mine & Sweet Melody - http://bit.ly/295WDoN  (the code Rhian30 gets you 30% off)
Grid Diary App - http://griddiaryapp.com/

Don’t forget to sign into your ebates account if you’re planning to make any purchases - don’t miss out on that cash back! (you can join here if you haven’t already, most major retailers are on there)


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