Dose Of Colors Terra Collection

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I was blissfully unaware of the Dose of Colors Terra Collection trio until a couple of you asked me what i thought of them, after a glance i knew i NEEDED them!

I have a liquid lipstick from Dose Of Colors already that i love the consistency of and these seem like they're the same formula, too. For a matte liquid lipstick, they are surprisingly not drying and wear well throughout the day.

The pictures below are of the lipsticks without using any lip liner so you get a true idea of the color. I would probably use a liner with Brick just to crisp up the edges and with Sand to define the lip area and stop my lips blending into my face.




My favorite has to be Stone, that perfect pink/grey nude. I'd say its like a lighter version of Kat Von D's Lolita liquid lipstick so a little more complimentary for the pale people out there. 

Although i don't wear reds often, i love the color of Brick and it dries like velvet. So gorgeous.

As for Sand, i'm a little undecided. I think for very pale people it would be a good nude shade or for darker tones with a lip liner but its just so close to my skintone that i feel a little odd wearing it. What i did discover is that its a great one to mix with the other shades to lighten them with or as a pop of light in the center of the lip.

Overall i love this trio, i think the shades will suit a lot of people and i love that you can custom mix them to suit your skintone/mood.

You can also check Logical Harmony's video where the beautiful Tashina tries them on. It'll give you an idea of what the colors look like on a slightly different skin tone.


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  1. I've been wanting these since they came out but they sold out quick as most of their products do. I really want STONE, but I'm not paying the insane amount they're going for on other sites 👎