Ingrown Hairs

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

After mentioning ingrown hairs in my Spinbrush video, a lot of you mentioned you got them from time to time also, so i figured i'd share all my tips for avoiding them all-together.

Traditionally people will use astringent products that are intended to just dry the skin out all together, removing its natural oils. While, yes, this may work in theory; what tends to happen in that it will either kick the skin into oil-producing overdrive OR it will dry out and deteriorate the integrity of the skin and make it harder for the hair to penetrate the top layers, causing more ingrown hairs.

I like to use a combination of the following which i find has helped me to avoid ingrown hairs from shaving or waxing.

I exfoliate before hair removal AND after. Exfoliating before will help to remove any dead skin build up around the hairs, meaning your chosen method of hair removal has more hair to either grip hold of or cut off.

I exfoliate the day after (once my skin has calmed down from waxing) and continue to do so daily so that the follicle can penetrate the skin surface easily when it regrows. It also keeps you feeling silky smooth!

Using the Spinbrush (review and massive discount here) with the body head attachment has really helped to keep my skin smooth and free of bumps.

If you prefer body scrubs, i'd recommend the Pacifica Kona Scrub or making your own and customizing it to your own needs.

I like to use a gentle, scent free moisturizer on the area like the One Love Organics Coconut & Salt Lotion or even a little coconut oil if you prefer. This will help keep that skin healthy, prevent any drying of the skin and allow hairs to regrow easily.

If its too late and a bump has reared its ugly head, i like to treat it with tea tree oil daily to dry it out in a more natural way. I apply it just to the direct area with a q tip to stop it drying out the surrounding skin. I've found doing this reduced inflammation, dries out the spot and means you can generally just "pop" the hair out (carefully and hygienically, of course).

If you do shave, i'd recommend switching to a new blade at least every week. This will mean your blade is always sharp and won't cause any irritation to the skin.

I like using the Dollar Shave Club (review here) and have the blades delivered monthly so i never run out.


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  1. Thanks for these tips Rhian. Years ago I had a very expensive very small cream that I used after waxing but it still wasn't perfect. I was up on the pre-exfoliation, but will incorporate the post into my regime. Tea tree oil is proving itself to be pretty multi purposeful, I must pick some up. Muchas gracias x