blue labelle review & giveaway

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Blue Labelle were one of the brands you guys mentioned on my Instagram when i mentioned what i had planned for #worldveganmonth so i had to give them a go! Hand blended in beautiful Isle Of Wight, i knew these would be something special.

Not only were Blue Labelle generous enough to send me product to try but they also sent one of their beautifully soft, organic hemp cloths to try. Used along with their Petitgrain and Tamanu Cleansing Oil and Moringa and Raspberry Seed Facial Oil, it turned out to be all i needed for makeup removal and toned, nourished skin.

With several blend options to choose from, their oils should suit most skin concerns (find out more about their ingredients here). After explaining my skin type and issues to them, they recommended the two shown above.

Cleansing Oil
This was beautifully suited to my combo/oily skin, the Petitgrain works as a mild astringent that also balances and the Tamanu helps promote clearer skin. With loads of other clarifying, nourishing ingredients, this is the perfect oil for anyone with troublesome skin who's been nervous of oil cleansing.

In short, oil cleansing is an awesome way of removing makeup and cleansing the skin with only an oil. I massage a few drops into dry skin, concentrating on areas with the most makeup, until the makeup is emulsified and smeared around your face. Then use a hot, damp wash cloth to wipe the oil away, rinsing the cloth in between each time until all of the oil and makeup has been removed.

Facial Oil
Their facial oil is the perfect accompaniment to the cleansing oil and with just a few drops, my skin felt nourished and quenched without any residue. This blend in particular is awesome for anyone who struggles with oily skin and anti-aging and finds it hard to balance both.

Applying facial oil is very easy and you need only 1 or 2 pumps for the entire face. Rubbing it between your hands to warm up the oil makes it sink in to the skin quickly and means you don't have to rub the skin of your face.

Hemp Cloth
Soft, strong and eco-friendly... its the ultimate washcloth. Soaked in a little warm/hot water prior to use and it becomes so soft and perfect for the face with just enough texture to lightly exfoliate.

Just wash after every few uses with a gentle detergent and hang dry!

Their website ships worldwide or you can find individual products via Rodales if you're in the US!

To win your own cleansing oil, facial oil and hemp cloth kit from Blue Labelle (of a $61 value), just check my Instagram for details- I think you'll love them too!


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  1. This sounds awesome....need something to remove makeup that is good for my sensitive skin.....fingers Crossed
    Thanks for the chance