Chatty Try On Video

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Heres a chatty, try-on video where i talk about some new products as well as some older, well-loved ones.

Ellovi review -
Pacifica Primer Review -
Charlotte Tilbury Blog Post -
ELF Palette Review -

Products used:


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  1. ohh! I have the 100% Pure eyeliner, i got it in one of my Vegan Cuts beauty boxes. I had such a hard time getting used to it, and getting it in my lashes and making a mess. I have gotten better at it though, just takes a steady hand I guess. It definitely stays on once it dries, not like other liners that can smudge, so that's good as long as you've got it on right. Good idea about using the angled brush to apply it! I wonder if I'd just make a bigger mess with that too! You have such a wonderful collection of brushes! I am way jealous. Are all of the products you use cruelty free or vegan? xo, KZ

  2. What kind of brush are you using when you apply the Pacifica primer?? I need a fluffy brush :)

    1. Its this one from Hourglass -