Empties aka My Garbage

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Want to know which cruelty free and vegan products i've used up? No? Well... thats all i have for today!

Desert Essence Mouthwash - http://bit.ly/1pz33Q4 
Pacifica One Step - http://bit.ly/1MTKem5 
Derma E Microderm Scrub - http://bit.ly/1Ttj9FD 
Beurre Shea Body Butter - http://bit.ly/1TtjisA 
OLO Body Serum - http://bit.ly/1T9Nw13 
Osea Body Balm - http://bit.ly/24g43s7  
Lush Eau Roma Water - http://bit.ly/1VUdcoI 
Giovanni Shampoo & Conditioners - http://bit.ly/24g4jr3 (50:50 & tea tree, respectively)
Hurraw Moon Balm - http://bit.ly/1NudVub 
Charlotte Tilbury Mascara - http://bit.ly/1OvH5r3 
Too Faced Born This Way Foundation - http://bit.ly/1So6vJc 
Too Faced Loose Powder - http://bit.ly/20Q1oob 

Zeal mentions - http://bit.ly/24g4QJD
Pacifica hair review - https://youtu.be/e7NsBxpmPuk 

Born This Way demos - http://bit.ly/1YQF8rq 


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  1. Hii I also love the primed and poreless loose powder, it's so silky!! I just found some at Ulta last weekend, I noticed Sephora only had the pressed. It's also on Too Faced's website. I have a hurraw lip balm in coconut and am obsessed with it. I also just bought the Born This Way, in Vanilla. Couldn't decide between Ivory and Vanilla, but decided they looked mostly the same. Do you have a good way of checking out which foundation is the best match before you buy it? I feel awkward slathering it on my face in the store haha. Also trying out the coconut power shampoo & conditioner from pacifica. Mostly I saw you use all this stuff and wanted it all! <33 xo KZ

  2. I bought the OLO serum this winter and loved it but I found I was going through the bottle way too fast (I was using it on my whole body) so I started mixing a couple squirts of the serum with sweet almond oil! It's nice for days where you want to pamper yourself a bit and smell pretty.

  3. Hurraw's sun balm is my J A M! American Apparel has a sale in Januaray and I may or may not have bought 10 of them