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Tuesday, April 26, 2016
I have to admit, i've been jealous of other bloggers eye or face masks for a while now since i've never found a vegan option, that is until Skyn Iceland popped up on Logical Harmony's brand list and made my puffy eyed dreams come true!

I saw their display in Ulta and grabbed two items to try, one was their Face Lift in a Bag and the other was a travel pack of their Eye Gels to throw in my travel bag.

Inside the Face Lift in a Bag are 2x forehead patches, 2x pairs of smile line patches and 2x pairs of eye patches. The forehead and smile line patches are designed to attack any fine lines with a boost of peptides and hydration while the under eye patches help to firm, de-puff and cool the area.

While i'm not one to rave that products have reversed aging since i don't have a microscope to be assessing my skin under, i certainly found the eye patches to help de-puff and cool the area without irritating my eyes. The skin appeared firm and my makeup went on very smoothly.

I have no doubt the forehead and smile line patches helped hydrate the areas but i don't think i have enough of an issue already to truly notice those differences.

Again, i can't really say the products gave me the effects of a face lift but i will certainly treat myself to the Face Lift in a Bag set once in a while and probably the eye patches more frequently since i saw more of a visual change!

I think any of these would be awesome for anyone who needs a boost of hydration or firming, wants to prep skin for a big event (i think this would be a fun gift for a bride) or even if you just need a little pampering self care time.

If you are planning to order some through Ulta, be sure to go through your Ebates account to get your cash back or sign up for an account here.

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