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Thursday, April 14, 2016

We spend a lot of time in and around our kitchen so we love having beautiful items in such a central part of the home and because we use it so often we also like to use hard-wearing items too! The mix of the pretty things and the sturdy stuff is really something i enjoy so let me show you some of my favorite pieces!

Image from Crate & Barrel

Slate is something we love to use around the house not only because it looks beautiful but its also hard-wearing.

We have some of these slate boards in various sizes that we use for place mats, "cheese" boards and anything else we need a sturdy surface for.

You can find them here starting at $9.95 (various sizes available)

Image from Crate & Barrel

Our wine glasses are another thing people often ask about and they're all from the Edge range at Crate & Barrel.

We actually fell in love with this style after seeing them on Gossip Girl of all places.

Find the range here sold for $12.96 per piece

Image from Target

Most food storage in our pantry is glass (i have a whole post on it here) but for things like cookies, i like to keep them in these canisters from Target. From a distance they look like concrete but they're just melanine with a light wood lid.

Find them in a set here or individually here starting at $5.99

Image from Amazon

All of our plates and bowls (and mugs... heck, everything else too) are from Menu New Norm. I love how simple they are and they have lots of size and color options.

Find the range here!

Image from Marley's Monsters

I've mentioned my favorite reusables brand before in more detail but i love these napkins from Marley's Monsters. They hold up to being washed a lot and really fit with everything else in our kitchen.

You can find them here for $20

Image from Amazon

Also fitting into our needs of form and function is the Soma water filter. I've talked about it before so won't blither on but i seriously love this filter!

You can find the pitcher and filter here for $39.99

Image from Amazon

Back to the chunkier stuff, we really love heavy cutting boards and especially wood ones because they stand out so well in our kitchen.

Boo's Blocks come in lots of different sizes and shapes and we've had ours for quite some time now and i'm sure will last a lifetime.

You can find them here starting at around $60

Let me know where you get your favorite homewares from below and also what you'd like to see next in the way of home stuff!

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