Liz Earle (UK)

Saturday, March 29, 2014
After walking past the enormous Liz Earle stand in Boots a few times i felt strangely drawn to have a little look today and not only are her products Humane Cosmetics Standard certified but contain no animal ingredients.

It seems companies in the UK aren't usually quite so forthcoming with useful information like this on their packaging so this made a nice change.

Some of her items do contain beeswax or manuka honey (some might argue those are, in fact, animal ingredients) but you can read more about their principles here.

Here are a few of her products that don't contain honey or beeswax (i don't think there should be any other ingredients of concern for vegans but comment if you know otherwise).

(click to enlarge)

  1. Hand Repair
  2. Instant Boost Skin Tonic
  3. Super Skin Eye and Lip Treatment
  4. Skin Repair Moisturizer
  5. Foot Repair Moisturizer
  6. Super Skin Moisturizer
  7. Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil
  8. Energizing Body Lotion
  9. Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask


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  1. Hi

    I've just discovered your YT channel and blog and love them! Please keep posting.

    I had a question however about your comments on beeswax and manuka honey being considered animal products by some people. I suppose what is the argument for them being animal products and why would you not want them in your cosmetic/skincare products? Strictly curious for my own knowledge.


    1. Beeswax and honey obviously come from bees, which most vegans would loosely consider an animal (although, yes, an insect... still a living creature) and thats why they avoid it in products too.

      People who don't eat animal products most likely don't want to rub them on their skin either...