Tadu Defense Review

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tattoos are a huge investment and one way to preserve your artwork (& youthful good looks) is to ALWAYS protect your skin from the sun, so when Tadu Defense contacted me to send me their product specifically aimed at tattoo sun protection- i jumped at the chance.

(Tadu also sent me 2 other tubes to give away so check my IG for giveaway info)

What it claims:

Tadu Daily Moisturizer with SPF 35+ is the next generation in skin care evolution.  Combining the protective elements of sunscreen, with the hydrating benefits of a daily moisturizing lotion, TADU is specially formulated to handle the most sensitive of skin types: healed, tattooed skin. Unlike other greasy, uncomfortable sunscreens, TADU provides daily skin protection in the form of moisturizing lotion.  Designed to be gentle enough for use on tattoos, your face, as well as your whole body, TADU combines all your daily skin care needs in one bottle…
  • Designed for Daily Use
  • Specifically Formulated for Tattoos
  • SPF 35+ UVA/UVB Protection
  • Ultra-Light Absorbing
  • Non-Greasy
  • Vegan Friendly

Packaging- 5/5

  • Sleek matte black tube with clear panels showing the light blue product inside
  • Snap lid is really strong so i wouldn't worry about beach bag explosions
  • Squeezy tube for easy dispensing and no mess 

Product application- 5/5

  • Thin consistency makes it easy to rub in without missing areas
  • Easily absorbed and rubs in clear
  • Kept my skin feeling lightly moisturized even though i tend to get quite dry on my body
  • No real scent which most will appreciate although i'm a sucker for a yummy scented lotion
  • No greasy, sticky residue
  • Definitely a unisex product and i think anyone who likes a light lotion would love this regardless of the SPF
  • Also felt light enough on my face that i didn't fear breakouts popping up immediately

(just left my skin with a light sheen but no residue)


I was really pleasantly surprised by this after trying countless sun screens in the past that left my skin feeling sticky and my pores blocked.
I've seen lots of products boasting they're "not like other sun screens" but always end up leaving my skin feeling gross where as this just feels like my skin is super hydrated, no residue at all.

I'll be interested to try this more when we actually have more sun to check its SPF-related abilities but other than that i really think this is pretty awesome. 

Considering a similarly sized chemical sunscreen from a drug store is around $10, i'd happily spend $16.99 for one that didn't give me bacne and is gentle enough for face and bod.

I gave this such a high rating because it really just does exactly what it says it does; truly a light fragrance free SPF with natural skincare properties.


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  1. I def need to check this out. Mine are all fading so much from years of sun and damage. I wish I could start over. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Kellee! I'm actually doing a giveaway of this if you wanna check out my IG @wifelife :)